June 23, 2024


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The Hidden Cost of Living in a Polluted City

You’d likely guess that air air pollution is terrible for your coronary heart and lungs, but how about your eyes? In accordance to researchers at the University College London, individuals who dwell in cities with higher air pollution levels are at least 6 p.c more most likely to establish glaucoma, a debilitating eye issue that can direct to irreversible blindness. And glaucoma is 50 p.c more frequent in urban places versus rural.

“Air air pollution may possibly result in inhaled particles to get into blood vessels,” states examine co-author Paul Foster, a professor of glaucoma research. The particles journey as a result of the blood to nerves in the eyes, which can, about time, problems the retina. Other investigate found that even limited exposure—think hours—can completely problems and shrink blood vessels. If you dwell in a metropolis with higher air air pollution, avoid doing exercises outside through peak air pollution several hours, choose parks about occupied streets, and put in a very good air filter in your bedroom—after all, you devote a 3rd of your working day respiratory the air in there.

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