Dispatches: Exploring the Hidden Mexican Gem of Espiritu Santo

The sunlight shone a brilliant mild on the island in entrance of us. As we pulled into the cove and shut off the boat’s engine, the turquoise h2o lapped towards the sides of the panga. The boat was quiet—each of the travellers dropped in the magnificence of what lay forward.

Espíritu Santo is no ordinary island. Off the southeastern coastline of Baja, Mexico, the island is just six miles absent from the city of La Paz, but once you get to the sheltered northwestern aspect of its shores, you come to feel hundreds of miles absent from civilization.

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The Hidden Cost of Living in a Polluted City

You’d likely guess that air air pollution is terrible for your coronary heart and lungs, but how about your eyes? In accordance to researchers at the University College London, individuals who dwell in cities with higher air pollution levels are at least 6 p.c more most likely to establish glaucoma, a debilitating eye issue that can direct to irreversible blindness. And glaucoma is 50 p.c more frequent in urban places versus rural.

“Air air pollution may possibly result in inhaled particles to get into blood vessels,” states examine co-author Paul Foster, a professor of glaucoma research. The particles journey as … Read More

The Hidden Link Between Freediving and Mountaineering

Ever considering that reading through James Nestor’s 2014 e-book Deep, I’ve been fascinated by the scarcely believable feats of freedivers. Plunging 335 feet beneath the surface area of the ocean and building it back on a solitary breath, or only holding your breath for 11 minutes and 35 seconds, plainly involves a incredibly distinctive set of techniques and attributes.

But right until a recent meeting talk, I’d never deemed whether these exact same characteristics may well be valuable in other configurations where oxygen is scarce—such as the slim air of significant-altitude trekking and mountaineering. At the Drugs in Extremes … Read More

The Hidden Cost of the Post-Workout Sauna

This is an post about saunas and submit-workout recovery. But it is also a parable about sports activities science, the perpetual lookup for a new edge, and (not to be as well grandiose about it) lifestyle alone. The ethical of the tale is quite simple: there’s no no cost lunch.

More than the past several years, I’ve prepared about a bunch of distinctive traces of investigate suggesting that heat could be a top secret training weapon, as summed up in this development piece. Many thanks to the incredibly hot temperatures envisioned at this summer’s Olympics in Tokyo, as nicely as … Read More