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Best New Gear of the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show

Every January the outdoor industry gathers in Denver to show off its gear for next year. The OR show is where innovations are unveiled, new technologies are touted and athletes sign autographs against a backdrop of gear shops from around the world placing the orders to stock their shelves for next winter.

Thanks to COVID-19, we’re not gathering in person this winter, but brands are still announcing their latest and greatest at a virtual show that’s going on now. As always, we’ve compiled a teaser of highlights. Check out the coolest stuff being announced at the virtual OR show … Read More

The 6 Best Winter Thru-Hiking Trails in the U.S.

Winter can be a cold albeit magical time to go backpacking. The crowds are minimal, the air is fresh, and the views are unparalleled. While cozying up next to the fire with a good book is enticing, getting outside and experiencing the beauty of the natural world is worth it every time. With a little extra planning and the proper gear, wintertime thru-hiking can be the adventure of a lifetime. And it’s not just a shift in attitude that’s necessary; often a shift in latitude helps as well, rethinking the wilder options in southern climes with milder winter temps. Here, … Read More

How to Learn a Handstand and Fall Less

Development in handstands and calisthenics is determined by how sturdy your joints and tendons come to be due to the fact these modest locations have to face up to the load and power passing by means of them.

It is important to know what you want from your handstand journey. The majority of us aren’t gymnasts or qualified hand-balancers, so we never have to have a excellent handstand, what ever that is.


With social media, we can frequently experience disheartened because we are uncovered to the pretty ideal, whose work is to have a sure handstand.


There is no competitors Read More

Why a Probiotic Grooming Regimen Is More Important Than Ever

When you listen to about probiotics, it’s commonly in reference to intestine wellness. Immediately after a round of antibiotics, or when you want to improve immunity, it’s essential to develop up all the very good microbes in there. They keep the overall body in best harmony, and help fend off the bad microorganisms. And, in a calendar year the place we’re hellbent on killing germs and sanitizing all the things, the subject matter of probiotics and “healthy biomes” is additional important than ever.

Having said that, it’s not just the intestine wherever these great germs reside. These microorganisms also stay … Read More