How This 46-Year-Old Kayaker Finds Balance in Chaos

Anna Levesque is watching a large amount of Star Wars these days. It is not that the longtime pro kayaker is bored. Certain, most of the river set-ins are closed, properly shutting down whitewater kayaking close to her hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, but she has plenty to do. She can paddle against the latest on a mellow waterway which is still open to the general public for a excellent energy exercise. She tactics yoga daily and operates a thriving coaching small business. But there’s one thing about people Star Wars flicks that captures her notice. 

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Controlling the Chaos of Training in CrossFit

We kick off our initial podcast of 2020 with James Fitzgerald. He has above 20 years of working experience as a strength coach, is a CrossFit online games winner and is the founder of OPEX.


No greater way to kick of 2020&#039s podcasts than with just one a coach who has attained around the globe regard mainly because of the effort he has revealed in pursuing and realizing the very best in strength and conditioning education.


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