May 22, 2024


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How to Shed Weight at Home

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From news to movies and even magazines, we glorify weight loss. Today, a gym membership is a necessity. However, not all people want to go to the gym. This article will show you how to shed that weight at home. 

But first,

Why Did You Gain the Weight?

Weight gain can be a result of many things which include:

  • Stress and depression
  • Illnesses
  • Pregnancy
  • Adulthood
  • Genetics 
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Bad food just to mention a few. 

It’s important to know what brought you to this situation before you can make the permanent changes. 

How to Lose the Weight at Home

For some reason, you may not make it to the gym but that doesn’t mean you should keep the weight if you feel ready to keep it off. 

  1. Check your diet

I’m never such an advocate of devilizing food but then your doctor knows best. What you eat determines whether you shed the weight or not. First, reduce the number of carbs in the diet and consume more vitamins and proteins. 

Stick to one diet and monitor the changes it brings to your body. In some instances, you may need supplements to boost weight loss. Go on to order them but read the health product reviews first to make a legitimate purchase. 

2.No more sugar

Sugar is so addictive and hard to avoid but it’s going to tamper with your goal. Doctors and scientists say that sugar causes so many diseases. Sadly, you consume the sugar in even the processed drinks. 

So, you should change your drinks by limiting alcohol, sodas, juices and more. Avoid the added sugar and instead, consume enough water.

3.Check your food addiction

Some of us are food addicts. This will cause more weight gain so you should avoid it. If you have to snack, make sure you eat healthy snacks. I love carrots and cucumbers for example. They make me feel full but they don’t add unnecessary calories. 

Again, don’t just eat because people are eating rather eat when hungry. Mindful eating is going to help you with your goal.


You won’t keep the weight off unless you change how you see yourself. You could exercise all you want and still gain the weight back if you haven’t changed the paradigm. 

Before you even start the process, have a mental image of how you wish to look and everyday work towards your goal.

5.Consistent home exercise

There are so many ways to exercise that you may not even need a gym membership. 

If you wish, you can make a gym in the house and use all the tools. Nonetheless, if you don’t have a gym you can do the following. 

  • Run/jog at least an hour a day. 
  • Walking is another exercise that will help you so much. Not only do you interact with the outside world as you walk but you also keep your body in shape.
  • Swimming is good especially if you know that you aren’t swimming for fun but as an exercise method. It helps you lose fast. 
  • Dancing is great if you love to dance every day. 
  • Biking: some people just love to ride their bikes for cardio.
  • Home gym on YouTube: if you have access to WIFI then you may use the guide of the very many videos online to work out.
  • Run-on the steps is another one of the methods you could make use of.

6.Finally, check your eating time

This is the one thing most people don’t consider yet it matters a lot. Quit eating after 7 pm in the night and notice the difference in your body.