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White Sunshine – Tao of Heaven. Showers of Knowledge ( Component 1 of 3 )

‘Showers of Wisdom’ is taught by JiGong, the Heavenly trainer of Tao of Heaven appointed by Lao Mu. JiGong is a extremely popular deity worshipped by Taoist in the tens of millions. He was the reincarnation of just one of the 18 Arhats and he was a monk dressed like a beggar through the Tune Dynasty. A gentleman of boundless virtues, he walked thousands of miles without a penny in his pocket and a roof more than his head, preaching the real truth till the working day he died.

In the teachings of Tao of Heaven, Grasp Chang Tienzen of Jining, Shantung Province was the rebirth of JiGong. He was born on the 19th working day of the 7th lunar thirty day period in the 13th yr of the reign of Guangshu (1889) in the course of the Ching Dynasty. Learn Chang Tienzen turned the Heavenly master in 1947, the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, when the moon was the biggest, roundest and brightest. When he was born, it was mentioned that the Yellow River went obvious signifying the start of a sage. His remaining palm experienced a crimson mark of the sunlight and his correct palm experienced the mark of the moon.

Component 1 of 3 is only a little portion of his teachings and this is what he says about bitterness of lifetime to let us understand the ache and suffering that we have to confront in existence.

[1] The finest unhappiness in a man’s daily life is to have a spiteful wife and an infilial son.

[2] The most wicked factor is to have another person repays one’s kindness with injury.

[3] The biggest distress is to be in an particularly distress point out.

[4] The most disheartening detail is for one’s good friend and spouse and children to abandon him.

[5] The finest annoyance is to have accomplishment snatched from one’s straightforward grip.

[6] The best regret is to enable one’s phrases or steps stray into the incorrect.

[7] The most exhausting issue is to be below great mental force.

All these are the most painful and bitter encounters of a person’s life.

Life’s most unavoidable instances.

[1] The ache of not getting what 1 dreams to have.

[2] The pain of staying separated from the a single you love most of all

[3] The agony of emotion bitterness towards a person

[4] Health issues, hunger, battling for foodstuff, operating challenging for fame and earnings, nervousness about the stress of household….

All of life’s gathered virtues can be ruined by just one vice, just like a fowl in its ardent research for meals is suddenly seized by a predator. All such tragic cases are prompted by greed. To get bullied or killed by unnatural indicates, to get caught up in all-natural and human brought about disasters, war and ruthless destruction…these are the most tragic fates of a person’s lifestyle.

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