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Weller Single Barrel Bourbon Is the Season’s Next Great Bottle (If You Can Find It)

The latest addition to the Weller Kentucky straight bourbon household is as scrumptious as it is in demand from customers. The new One Barrel whiskey is hitting shelves in June as a promised annual launch whiskey—meaning that, barring interruption, we’ll only be viewing this once a yr. And coming out just once a yr is heading to make locating this whiskey even more difficult than it already would have been.

Although the focus on Weller as a coveted whiskey (its comparisons to Pappy assisted with that) has manufactured this bourbon hard to find in modern yrs, it has also manufactured owner Buffalo Trace Distillery give the manufacturer some focus, which has led to a few new whiskey releases in the previous number of yrs.

Weller Single Barrel
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Although the to start with two—a barrel proof variation and a group-sourced small batch—were welcome additions, a selected “single barrel” has constantly been the lacking piece of the puzzle. But single barrels inside the Weller portfolio have, for the most component, been special store picks or private labels.  So “Weller One Barrel” as released this thirty day period is diverse in that the picking is staying completed by all those who make the whiskey.

A new bottle of (and any extra supply of) Weller is constantly a welcome little bit of information, but there are a number of points whiskey enthusiasts need to pay out focus to with this launch. For one, One Barrel’s proof stage of ninety seven places it in the decrease segment of the single barrel bourbons on the market now. Brands like Aged Forester actually lifted its single barrel proofs from ninety to 100 before this yr, as shoppers have favored better proofs in the previous 10 years. Picking a common proof point—rather than bottling all the things at barrel proof—is not unanticipated. And ninety seven extra correctly reflects the sweet spot, which is ordinarily regarded as to be between 85 and 110.

A nitpick really worth consideration, while, is that Weller One Barrel lacks a barrel ID. Hallowed single barrel bourbons today—everything from Michter’s and McKenna One Barrel to Buffalo Trace’s personal Blanton’s One Barrel—all share some information and facts about the origin or ID selection of the barrel this bourbon came from.

One barrel bourbons are meant to be special because, effectively, every bottle is coming from a a little diverse barrel, that means style will have modest to reasonable variations. Some may be spicier and present extra wooden affect some may have occur out just a very little sweeter.

Consumers count on that variation—it’s a little bit of the exhilaration of acquiring single barrel whiskey. Our sample’s aromas hinted at cherry, but confirmed tons of toasted sugar and vanilla custard. On the palate, it was taste dynamite, exhibiting cinnamon and mocha notes, loads of clove, and a buttery complete that remaining a astonishing total of sweetness and some black pepper.

Although the $50 price tag tag for this whiskey is an applause-deserving gesture, you’re very likely heading to see better quantities in the wild. If you’re blessed enough to find one, a price tag hike shouldn’t prevent you—this is the greatest point Buffalo Trace has set out this yr.

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