June 25, 2024


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Watch: Moto Meets Mountain Biking in 'LIFTOFF'

META presents “LIFTOFF,” a enjoy letter to the stars. This is a moto online video, featuring grime bikes with flamable-driven engines–clearly an unusual issue in this article on BikeMag.com. We completely get it if you are only in this article for mountain bikes, extra power to you. But if you have a couple minutes, if you see the elegance in desert expanses and the independence of exploration, or if you are a lover of filmmaking or two wheels in the broader perception of the phrase, this is a have to-watch.

Bicycle contributors Wiley Kaupas and Lear Miller, alongside Kasen Schauman and Nash Howe, teamed up with Rooted MTB downhill racers Austin Hackett-Klaube and Harrison Ory to produce this piece. It’s an interpretation of desert canvasses by way of the eyes of mountain bikers with a emphasis on creative imagination, model and elegance.

At Bicycle, we’re constantly major enthusiasts of thoughtfully and finely executed written content that won’t just be scrolled past and neglected. “LIFTOFF” is just that. Give it a watch, you just may well appreciate.

Athletes – Austin Hackett-Klaube, Harrison Ory
Directed by – Wiley Kaupas
Filmed by – Wiley Kaupas, Lear Miller, Kasen Schauman
Pictures – Lear Miller
Primary Rating – Nash Howe

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This write-up initially appeared on Bikemag.com and was republished with permission.