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The Surfing Injury You Rarely Hear About: Surfer's Ear

Whilst just about every surfer has spun a tale or two about surf injuries—a board to the back of the head, a hand sliced on a fin, a dislocated joint just after a specifically violent closeout—these accidents are essentially fairly exceptional.

There is a surf malady a great deal more widespread, significantly much less outlined, and likely substantially more harmful: exostosis (aka surfer’s ear). It is a issue that has an effect on near to 1 out of just about every a few surfers and, if untreated, can trigger pain and extreme listening to decline.

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The ailment is prompted by prolonged publicity to chilly drinking water and has an effect on the two youthful and old surfers. When the ear canal is irritated above a prolonged time period of time, it responds by increasing bone, correctly narrowing the canal and creating listening to decline.

Sooner or later, this bone progress will become so pronounced that it can lead to total listening to decline and can be addressed only by chopping out or shaving down the bony progress, a approach that calls for a six- to eight-week restoration.

surfer's ear
A healthy ear (top) vs. surfer’s ear (bottom). Photo: struna/Shutterstock

“As we have developed extremely fantastic wetsuits and surf 12 months-round in colder and colder drinking water, the discomfort from the chilly drinking water is creating exostosis, or surfer’s ear,” says Dr. Ken Fujioka, a San Diego–based doctor and avid surfer who has been through surfer’s ear surgeries on each individual ear. “I don’t know why we don’t listen to about it more.”

In addition to top to listening to decline, the growths also entice drinking water and trigger repeated infections, which can be specifically hazardous for those people spending extended intervals in the surf. Now that wetsuits are extending seasons longer and longer, that hazard is amplified, even for younger surfers.

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Surgical procedure is the only real “cure” for surfer’s ear, but Fujioka notes that prevention is probably the best sort of treatment.

See those people guys in the lineup sporting the earplugs? Quite a few, if not all of them, are hoping to avert surfer’s ear and some severe medical headaches.

For those people who imagine earplugs impair listening to, a number of organizations, like SurfEars out of Sweden, have developed surf-unique plugs that permit sound waves in though preserving the real waves out.

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Fujioka is not sure why there is so minimal publicity surrounding the ear injury, offered its prevalence in the surf neighborhood, but thinks that surfer’s ear will continue to develop as the sport will become more well-liked all around the world.

“I am surprised at the range of surfers that do not don earplugs (my son incorporated), and know surfer’s ear is no joke,” says Fujioka. “I have experienced the surgeries myself and I could not surf it was no pleasurable.”

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