April 13, 2024


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The Power of ‘I Got Your Six’ and How It Applies to Our Country Today

This report was produced in partnership with Pendleton Whisky 

“I got your six” is a phrase which is been around for far more than a century. It was very first coined by American fighter pilots in Environment War I.

Troopers utilized clock positioning to tell path. For example, twelve o’clock is straight in entrance of you and six o’clock is correct behind you. So, when a WWI fighter pilot explained, “I got your six,” it meant, “I got your again.” Enemy pilots would try out to get guiding your tail and shoot you down, but you trusted your wingman to defend your “six.”

As a previous recon maritime and retired US Navy SEAL Officer, I have many stories of amazing gentlemen and ladies who have picked me up, coated for me, and protected my “six.” I would not be here now if it weren’t for them—but a person tale in individual stands out.

It was September 29, 2006 (Saint Michael’s Day), in the course of the Struggle of Ramadi. It was just one of the most violent battles of the Iraq War, and I was in command of a 12-male element comprising 4 Navy SEALs and eight Iraqi scouts. The mission was to supply sniper overwatch assistance for the famed 1st Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment—the similar unit from the HBO series Band of Brothers—as they cleared a very contested district of the town. We snuck into the enemy-held district in the course of the middle of the night time and set up sniper positions on the third-story roof of a notable setting up. When the sun rose, we have been engaged in sporadic gunfights with Al Qaeda insurgents that remained through the working day.

About mid-working day, Navy SEAL Michael Monsoor, recognized as “Mikey” by our whole SEAL Platoon, assumed safety. A SEAL was found 3 ft to his remaining, and I was 3 toes to his correct. An enemy combatant utilized protect and concealment to sneak shut adequate to our position, then hurled a grenade on to the roof. The grenade hardly cleared the lip of the wall, hanging Mikey in the chest before settling on the floor. Mikey yelled, “Grenade!” and without hesitation jumped on it to take up the blast. The other SEAL and I had been wounded from shrapnel to the legs, but we survived for the reason that of Mikey.

This is the most selfless act anybody can do. Mikey was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor, our nation’s highest award for selfless valor previously mentioned and further than the phone of responsibility. Mikey’s story will quickly be told in a guide, owing to be released this tumble.

I consider myself lucky to have knowledgeable this bond—this thought. No issue the situations or how terrible issues acquired, I understood my tribe normally had my six. At the same time, we understood that this was a sacred pact of have confidence in. I would by no means inquire my comrades to break the legislation or violate their integrity to include my six. It would defy the which means of all those terms.

“I received your six” also means keeping your brothers and sisters accountable when you see them violating the ethics and ideas we hold dear. That does not imply reporting them to a greater energy, but taking a morally brave motion to confront them and give corrective motion to assure it by no means occurs once again.

This idea was the basis on which our believe in and camaraderie was crafted, more forged by shared adversity—going to hell and back with one particular another. This is one of the most strong unifying ideas for top-tier groups, regardless of occupation or business.

Of system, the plan of possessing one’s back is not entirely reserved for navy members and the profession of arms. In a non-war ecosystem, this phrase can be applied to comfort and ease our fellow man: No make a difference what happens, I am in this article to aid you. You can believe in me. You have my loyalty.

As we approach Independence Working day, we must bear in mind and embrace the excellent quite a few factors that unite us as Individuals. Extra than just a phrase, “I’ve obtained your six” represents an unbreakable bond with our fellow gentleman, regardless of whether it be a spouse and children member, close friend, co-worker, or even a stranger. Most importantly, it reminds us to treat 1 one more with respect and a feeling of loyalty, no matter of our private backgrounds or beliefs.

Search about. There are numerous illustrations of each day functions of selflessness—a bystander pulling somebody out of a burning automobile, a group rallying around crucial personnel during COVID-19, nameless and abundant donations to support a relatives that shed almost everything to a hearth.

“I’ve received your six” can be integrated into everyone’s daily life. It starts with making real, trustworthy associations and reminding you that it’s not all about you. As a substitute, it is about selflessly caring for the nicely-currently being of many others.

Creating believe in in our tribes and the better American tribe will give us objective beyond evaluate.

I have bought your six, how about you?

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