May 18, 2024


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The Link Between Air Pollution and Obesity

It is undesirable for your lungs, your pores and skin, and your longevity. Now, it turns out, air air pollution is also crap for your physique. A new study from the College of Colorado, Boulder, finds that folks who dwell in regions of major ozone air air pollution are additional likely to produce a bad gut microbes (aka “microbiome”) mix—one that is affiliated with a high danger of being overweight.

The Link Between Air Pollution and Obesity

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The study followed around a hundred young adults in a polluted location of Southern California, who offered fecal samples (indeed, what it sounds like) together with their zip codes so that scientists could ascertain the makeup of their gut microbes and evaluate it to details on air air pollution in their neighborhoods around the previous year. The results: Overweight folks with biggest exposure to ozone air pollution also had the most affordable variety in gut microbes.


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“This is essential considering the fact that decrease variety has been connected with being overweight and Variety two diabetes,” in accordance to study writer Tanya Alderete, Ph.D.

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