June 25, 2024


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The Five Most Common Breast Lift Options in New Orleans

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The most commonly used breast lift techniques in New Orleans have benefited many women to regain confidence and feel good about their bodies.  Sagging breasts can be heavy and uncomfortable.  They can also be unseeingly unattractive.

Whatever the cause of sagging breasts, you can alter the look of your breasts with a breast lift so that they will look firm.  Depending on your goal, a cosmetic surgeon will approach a breast lift procedure carefully.

How Many Types of Breast Lifts Are There?

Be familiar with the most commonly used breast lift techniques, so you will know which will be most appropriate for you.  This will allow you to make a well-informed decision that you will not regret in the future.  The five most common breast lift options are:

  1.  The Lollipop Lift

The name of this breast lift procedure comes from the shape of the incision made in the breast.  A circular incision is made around the areola with a single straight incision from the bottom edge down to the breast crease.  The breast crease is where the breast greets the torso.

This procedure works best for breasts that have a moderate amount of sagging or for women who choose a less aggressive approach compared to breast implants.

  1.  The Anchor Lift

If you have severe, sagging breasts, the anchor lift can be the solution to your woes to get a major lift for your breasts.  The incisions done for an anchor lift are just slightly different from the lollipop lift because an additional horizontal incision is made along the breast crease.

This procedure is often most successful when it is carried out together with breast reduction surgery.  The aim of performing an anchor lift is to reduce the volume and reshape the contours of the breast.

  1.  The Donut Lift

This procedure is done for the same purposes as the lollipop lift.  It is best for women who have moderate to mild breast sagging.  The donut lift is preferred by many women because it is considered a fairly non-invasive procedure.

The process that is typically followed in a successful donut breast lift involves making a circular incision around the areola.  The way this breast lift repositions the areola and tightens the breast gives this procedure its other name: the “Benelli” lift.

You can also get a donut lift when you want a bigger breast and reduce sagging, especially when the sagging of your breasts is fairly pronounced.

  1.  The Crescent Lift

If you prefer even a less invasive procedure compared to the donut lift, you can get a breast lift the crescent way.  Relative to the shape of the crescent moon, the shape of this incision is semicircular, along the top half of the areola.

This breast lift procedure is best for the mildest cases of breast sagging or those experiencing a very small degree of sagging, and it is usually carried out along with breast augmentation.  

Another issue that can be fixed using this procedure is nipple asymmetry, which happens when one nipple is higher than the other.  Most patients who have gone through this procedure to correct nipple asymmetry have been very satisfied with the outcome of their breasts.

  1.  The Scarless Lift

If you are conscious of scars from surgical procedures done on your breast, you can choose the scarless lift procedure.  This works best for those who are more concerned with cosmetic appeal rather than the loss of volume or the sagging of their breasts.

Procedures that are usually combined with this technique of breast lifting with minimal scarring include:

  • Thermage or radiofrequency skin tightening
  • Laser liposuction
  • Quill threads where barbed sutures are made without the need for knotting

The scarless lift has the same result as the crescent technique, where large incisions are not needed to lift the breasts. The term scarless for this procedure will not literally guarantee a surgery without a scar because it still needs to be done with an incision that can be smaller and well-hidden compared to other breast lift options.

These most commonly used breast lift techniques can give you back the confidence you have been desiring.  Talk to a certified and licensed practitioner to know more about the best technique suited for your situation.  You can also consult several surgeons to understand these techniques better.