It's OK to Eat More and Exercise Less During Quarantine

Scroll by means of Twitter or consider a glance at trending content articles, and it’s obvious that people’s thoughts about food and physique image are all in excess of the location proper now. The age-aged “there goes my summer months body” joke is achieving new heights. #Quarantine15 has been trending on and off for months. The headlines about balanced cooking and at-property exercise vary from helpful to questionable to downright punishing. 

I get it—we’re all wanting for factors to bond in excess of proper now, and physique insecurities are, unfortunately, fairly universal. Anxieties are managing substantial, and eating is a … Read More

Should You Eat Breakfast Before or After a Workout? An Expert Weighs In

Set down the peanut butter toast. Doing the job out just before breakfast burns 2 times as considerably fat as ingesting initial, exploration implies. Here’s what takes place: Eating carbs brings about blood glucose degrees to rise, which triggers a launch of the hormone insulin. Perform out after ingesting and the physique works by using the sugar to power your muscle groups. But training in a fasted state forces the physique to pull electrical power from fat instead, describes Javier Gonzalez, a physiologist at the College of Tub in the U.K.

His examine, printed in The Journal of Medical Endocrinology Read More