We’re One Step Closer to the Perfect Race

In the early 1970s, a fledgling pro circuit referred to as the Worldwide Track Affiliation tried to break observe and area loose from the ossified grip of amateurism. One of its improvements was the use of observe-aspect lights that flashed about the oval at a predetermined speed, providing both of those athletes and spectators real-time suggestions on exactly how speedy the runners were moving. In principle, this must have served smash records—after all, you just software the method for, say, a 3:56 indoor mile, then convey to your large stars, Kip Keino and Jim Ryun, to stick to the flashing … Read More

This Walking Safari Brings You Closer to Africa's Raw and Rugged Wilderness

Most website visitors to Africa expertise its wildlife from the security of a Land Rover. But on a going for walks safari, issues get real rapidly.

THE Initially Factor WE Noticed Have been THE VULTURES, about a dozen of them, perched on the flat major of a tall acacia tree. Each and every so often, two or three of the birds, white-feathered and ominous, would swoop down into the tall grass, keep on being out of sight for a couple of times, and then return to their perch.

“Something has definitely been killed,” Mark Thornton stated. “Let’s go see

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