These Telemental Health Apps Can Keep You Calm From Your Couch

Job loss, impending recession, looming health risks, disrupted wellness routines, confinement to tiny apartments—the COVID-19 pandemic gives even the calmest of people reasons to be anxious. In fact, the non-profit Mental Health America reports they’ve seen a 12 to 19 percent uptick in screening for generalized anxiety disorders since February. The need for some facet of therapy to keep mental health in check has never been greater.

“Traditionally, men express more worry about employment and finances, and COVID-19 is extra hard because there’s such a lack of control and security about the future,” says Mental Health America’s chief program officer, … Read More

Here's How Weed Can Calm Your Anxiety and Stress

It’s no mystery that hashish can assistance you relax, but as for how that course of action is effective, factors are a minimal murky, particularly for the ordinary Joe. But new analysis is setting up to get rid of light on just how tension is induced in the brain—and how hashish, or a treatment derived from it, could assistance relieve it. In a new research posted in the journal Neuron, researchers at Vanderbilt College zeroed in a neural pathway in the brain that leads to tension. According to a Vanderbilt press launch, the researchers explored how a neurotransmitter molecule … Read More