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Resistive measures to help control anxiety during quarantine: BR Health

We all are on the same boat sharing pretty same fears and feeling during this pandemic. Everyone is worried about themselves and their loved ones. Many countries are taking the help of their organizations and helping centers to inform people about this deadly virus and how they can cope with this challenging situation such as many animal support mental health programs that are found to be helpful to people in these difficult times. ESA care is one of those organizations, which means Emotional Support Animal. ESA is the one trend in healthcare that helps patients in speedy recovery. All you need is a proper mental health checkup and if you opt for ESA, you must know that you will have to seek an ESA certification for that. This can help you significantly. 

Going through ESA certification is pretty straightforward. All you have to make sure is that you are facing some mental disability, and you need mental support. You should be checked up by some professional wither a psychiatrist or therapist. Secondly, you have to make sure that you can keep the emotional support safe around you, and you can fulfill all there emotional and physical needs. After all these requirements, you can easily be handed a cute little puppy or any other ESA along, helping you fight your mental illness.


It all starts from within. If you are doing a mentally good fit, you can fight any situation coming your way, but if you are all fit from outside but are mentally ill, nothing can benefit you in any possible way. To create a positive and healthy immune system and body system, we have to sit mentally fit and away from stress. As much as we will stress less, there will be less anxiety, and we will be able to focus on ourselves more.

 To fight stress, we have to make sure that what we are in taking in positive, and even in it is negative; it won’t be an overdose of it—such controlling the watching time of news or gadgets. As much as we stay away from the negativity, we will be happy and in a positive vibe. We don’t have to sit the whole day in from TV and scroll down our social media, calculating hourly rates or increasing or decreasing patients of corona and how much worse the situation is getting. Only one a day we have to make sure that we are looking at the COVID 19 chart.


We can do so many activities to keep our elf busy all day as we at the start of the day, we can do yoga or run on a treadmill, do different kinds of creative exercises. Doing some physical and mental exercise will release our inner frustration and pressure, and we will feel relieved.


All year we rant about how we could not do that one thing we always wanted to do. So I guess it is the best time to try something new or do what we always wanted to do for a long. We can do many things, such as learn any new skill or learn a new language. We can learn dancing or improve our cooking skills with the help of the internet anything is possible today. We can be creative with our house and paint a wall or redecorate our room.

Lastly and most importantly we have to make sure that along with our mental health our physical health is also doing good as we don’t have to be lazy a sit all day long on sofas snacking mindlessly rather we have to make sure that we work around and stay fit follow all the precautions and eat clean and healthy. Focus on positivity and believe that everything will be useful one day, and we will go back to our routines.