December 5, 2023


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MXXY’s Dual Chamber Hydration Pack: Water with a Boost

The original notion to put a water bladder with a hose connected to it into a backpack was pure genius. Abruptly, adventurous individuals could conveniently hydrate with out breaking a stride, regardless of whether hiking, bombing all over on a mountain bicycle, or kayaking in the ocean. Now, MXXY, a modest startup, has taken that hydro-iffic strategy 1 sip even further. Their new twin chamber hydration technique combines two individual bladders with an ingenious mixing value so you can blend two various liquids together—like, for case in point, h2o and a liquid overall performance dietary supplement, all in 1 neatly divided package.

MXXY was fashioned by a couple large faculty good friends in Marin County, CA. Outside adventurists, they noticed a require for some innovation when it arrived to hydration systems—specifically finding a dose of a overall performance supplement presenting a strengthen of caffeine, amino acids, and electrolytes with no getting to haul a individual bottle about. Their dual bladder process brainchild makes use of a scaled-down “booster” part (750ml) that can be connected to a more substantial facet (1.5 L) intended for h2o with a whole potential of 2.25 liters. The remaining space in the smaller pack offers you an more 7 liters for stuffing a light jacket and some trail applications or treats.

The MXXY hydration backpack system is the first to use to bladders to mix liquids.
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The bladder technique makes use of a nifty latching tackle with magnets that keeps both of those reservoirs (created by HydraPak) alongside one another in the pouch, although simply coming aside for different refilling and washing. Equally are machine washable and can be turned within out to be certain every single interior edge and corner is throughly cleaned with no harboring any pockets of mold or gunk. The valves are just as straightforward to wash, necessitating a one rinse. The relaxation of the technique will be common to anyone who consistently utilizes a hydration reservoir—until you get to the mixing aspect.

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The MXXY hydration backpack system is the first to use to bladders to mix liquids.
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A cable attaches to the junction in the vicinity of the bladders where the liquids mix, exiting on the other facet of the backpack straps opposite the tube that incorporates the chunk valve. The ingenious part of the MXXY is an quick-to-work, coloration-coded dial permitting you to immediately regulate your twin liquid ratios—blue for water, orange for supplement. Five dilution settings assortment from 25 to 100 p.c water and 75 to per cent booster nutritional supplement appropriately.

The MXXY hydration backpack system is the first to use to bladders to mix liquids.
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Effortless to use and (vital) clean, MXXY’s dual chamber Hydration Pack features a exclusive, quite strong hydration technique for your thirst-creating adventures. The outer shell of the backpack is a sturdy polyester/nylon blend that seems to holds up well—available in Ash Black and Place Gray. The interior lining is a thinner 100 per cent polyester that appears, together with the interior zipper, not very as long lasting in excess of the prolonged term. That said, no troubles cropped up in our use, and MXXY’s a person-year no cost mend plan offers some further security.

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All in all, for a novel, first-of-its-type hydration answer that provides extra than just drinking water when you’re out there pushing your boundaries, the MXXY Hydration Pack is a handy step up from individuals common one chamber methods. Take this out on the trail and you can welcome an energizing, flavorful adjust from the usual straight H20 anywhere you roam.