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MC Yogi Is the Polarizing Hype Man of Yoga

The practice of yoga dates again to 2700 B.C., which is difficult to try to remember at the Wanderlust Pageant. But to be honest, I arrived in the again way. Experienced I walked by the yoga event’s entrance in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, I would have at least been offered a guest wristband and greeted with a beatific yogi smile. Instead, I accidentally walked straight into rows of seller tents hawking wellness-adjacent objects, like free of charge chickpea snacks rubber-banded to a coupon for ten p.c off. 

The day’s program included group tarot-reading classes and a Larabar-sponsored lecture on how to use foods to defeat depression. The choices felt algorithmically generated: you like yoga, so you may well also be fascinated in Form bars. If you ended up an alien who just landed on earth, or a Hindu deity dropping into a 2019 yoga pageant, you’d possibly wonder what exactly pamplemousse-flavored glowing water has to do with an ancient religious practice. But expend ample time working towards yoga in the Western world and you may well forget that yoga and all its capitalist accoutrements—CBD oils and healthful snacks and thousand-dollar retreats—aren’t inherently joined. I felt a lot less like a seeker on my way to enlightenment and a lot more like a floating demographic for a qualified advert. At some point, my free of charge tote bag total of free coconut water and free power bars, I stepped away from the suppliers and rolled out my yoga mat for MC Yogi’s headlining established.

If you practice yoga, you’ve possible heard MC Yogi’s instrumental tracks—he calls them “omstrumentals”—on a studio playlist. MC Yogi, whose true title is Nicholas Giacomini, is the Diplo of yoga festivals. He’s a yoga devotee, teacher, and studio proprietor who also travels the world to perform his music at gatherings. He has 118,000 Instagram followers, and his song “Shanti (Peace Out)” has racked up ten million plays on Spotify. As a forty-yr-old white guy with eyeglasses and small hair, who typically wears a fedora, he appears to be like a lot more possible to blend you a $14 cocktail than to generate songs about an ancient Indian god. But his lyrics are where he embraces the total MC Yogi persona. Here’s a normal verse, spit about a South Asian defeat: Ganesh is so fresh, chillin’ on his throne / Surrounded by incense, fruit, and gold / With a heap of sweets piled in his bowl / He guards the gate and safeguards the threshold.