October 3, 2023


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Know All About Drug Addiction



Addiction to drugs affects people on their brains, and it changes their behavior. Drug addiction can start from various stages. There are legal and illegal drugs available in the market, and the substances can vary from person to person.


Legal and illegal substances such as nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, etc., make a person addict. For a reason, the other name of drug addiction is substance use disorder. It all starts at a regular intake. However, when the habit goes deep, addicted people become unable to resist taking those substances.


To know What drug addiction is all about one must go through the symptoms, reasons, effects, etc.


Possible Starting Points For Drug Addiction


Drug addiction can arise from certain habits that most people have. However, such kind of patterns can lead them to be drug addicts even before they realize it. Most people have the habit of taking certain painkillers for any situation that involves a bit of pain. The pattern of taking those medications in social situations turns into a severe addiction.


Sometimes doctors prescribed certain medications that can cause people addiction to them. There are common causes of drug addicts where the obsession started when they received a particular medication from a familiar friend or family member.


 It takes quite more time for some drugs to make a person addicted, whereas it’s quick for some. Opioid pain killers are one of the fastest drugs to make people addicted. It starts with a standard dosage but later, it becomes something the addict craves, but they look for higher dosages. The drug craving turns so bad that it starts to make people physically sick.


Symptoms Of Drug Addiction


Symptoms may vary from person to person and it also depends on the drug. However, here are a few signs that are common in drug addiction.


  • Craving for the drug. To be more detailed, you might feel urges to take that drug even after your treatment is over if it is from prescribed medication.
  • No matter how costly the drug is, you can’t stop yourself from spending all your money on it.
  • You might plan to take the dosage, but you end up taking more and more dosage of the drug.
  • Your urges to get the drug gets so dangerous that you can do anything to buy it. Some of you might steal to fulfill your urge to take the medication.
  • You need the drug to feel good. It is the essential thing that you need to live.
  • You no longer have an interest in anything. You can’t work correctly, and you can’t sleep, talk, eat, etc.
  • You know that the drug kills you from the inside. It is harmful to you both physically and mentally, and you still can’t help but take it.
  • You do not care about anything or anyone anymore. You do all that puts your life at risk whenever you feel high with drugs.
  • You try not to take those drugs or take them in a minimal amount. It makes you behave insanely.
  • Your heart beats faster and louder after you do drugs.




These are all you need to know what drug addiction is all about and how it changes life. If you find any of such symptoms in yourself or someone around you, help them immediately.

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