June 25, 2024


Appreciate your health

Hugs-A Overall health Foodstuff

Hugging is a wonder. Hugging is all purely natural it is natural, obviously sweet, no pesticides, non-fattening, no carbs, no preservatives, no synthetic or genetically engineered substances, and 100% wholesome.

Hugging is just about fantastic. There are no batteries to dress in out, no periodic checkups, lower electricity consumption, superior electricity generate, inflation-proof, no month to month payments, no insurance coverage needs, theft-proof, non-taxable, non-polluting, cash again guarantee can be bundled and last, but not least completely returnable.

There are fourteen diverse kinds of hugs:

o Side-to-thigh

o Back-to-entrance

o Shoulder to shoulder

o Bear

o Cheek

o Custom-personalized

o Grabber-squeezer

o Group

o Guess who

o Heart-to-coronary heart

o Sandwich

o Side-to-side

o Top-of-the-head

o Spoon

Every single of these basic hug types has lots of versions.

Virginia Satir, loved ones therapist, via exploration has concluded: “We have to have 4 hugs a day for survival. We require 8 hugs a working day for routine maintenance. We require twelve hugs a day for progress.”

A lot of religious gurus, these kinds of as Mata Amritanandmayi, hug their disciples a great deal, perhaps to pass on the divine strength.

Quite a few folks feel embarrassed or awkward when hugged, but Satir advice is to even now to give hugs simply because they are bound to truly feel great afterwards and may perhaps even really feel grateful to you. When you sense the have to have to be hugged, ask for a single. Any area is excellent sufficient for hugging: home, workplace, school, church, a occasion, a convention. See my report–I Give Hugs (http://ezinearticles.com/?I-Give-Hugs&id=343721). You could experience not comfortable hugging, for instance, at perform. In that situation, a extra personal setting, such as at home with friends or at a get together suits your style.

If not twelve, have your experienced eight hugs right now?