October 5, 2023


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Escaping From Alcatraz Is an Unresolved Family Endeavor for This Triathlete

What’s pushing 2,000-plus athletes from about 50 nations around the world to San Francisco for the 40th annual Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon (EFAT) on Aug. 15—one of the most one of a kind and grueling swim-bicycle-operate races on the professional triathlon tour?



The regular wholesome mix of spirit, grit, and resolve with a dollop of straight-up masochism.

But only one competitor in the group (that we know of) has also been curiously drawn to this event—which starts with a chilly, present-day-churned, 1.5-mile swim throughout San Francisco Bay from the famed former offshore prison—to finish what his suspected Alcatraz inmate ancestor begun.

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“According to my mother and my grandmother, I’m a immediate descendant of Arthur Barker, a convicted legal who tried out to escape from Alcatraz again in the 1930s,” suggests triathlete Ronnie Troyn, who felt a faint familial tug when initially listening to about the race on Instagram. “It just straight away struck me as this extraordinary challenge—but also a extremely interesting possibility to get back into relatives things that I’d read about and truly did not spend significantly attention to when I was younger. As a child enjoying h2o polo, I experienced no plan who Arthur Barker was—or even who his mom was.”

Arthur Barker’s mother was notorious, Despair-period crime determine Ma Barker, usually explained as the ruthless matriarch of the Barker-Karpis gang (which involved two of her sons) and a person of the most infamous community enemies of her time.

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Not every person in the Troyn family members was so eager to revisit this Barker link—which the triathlete admits gets a small fuzzy in a family tree gnarled into a collection of cryptic name modifications. Curiously, ideal at the major of Troyn’s tree sits Captain James Ketchum, a famous 19th-century Native American main from the Delaware tribe.

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Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon: A Grueling Race to Swim-Bicycle-Operate

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“I imagine my grandma was normally humiliated about the Barker finish of the relatives title and all those people movies out there about her, like Bloody Mama,” claims the 46-yr-outdated, Southern California-based mostly retired military veteran, who describes the link to us this way: “According to loved ones papers handed down to me, my grandmother Elizabeth’s mother Neva Farrington was Arthur Barker’s daughter…and therefore Ma Barker’s granddaughter.”

Troyn did not count on to be chatting to Men’s Journal about his suspected ties to Ma Barker (killed in a hail of FBI bullets at an Ocklawaha, Florida, hideout in 1935) or Arthur Barker (killed by Alcatraz guards whilst attempting to escape the jail in 1939) when he took place to mention this genealogical tidbit nevertheless in the system of becoming fleshed out to race organizers.

“I’ve just manufactured my initial payment for $16.50 to Ancestry.com,” he laughs. “Now I guess it is time to do more digging and fill in some specifics. These household traces that go again to the mid-1800s…they can spin you in circles.”

Troyn pushed himself to finish a few qualifying situations leading up to EFAT—including Ironman Arizona 70.3, which he phone calls both therapeutic and the second-most exhausting practical experience of his lifestyle.

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“Iraq was the 1st. Which is the most tired I have at any time been—and the hottest” suggests Troyn, whose 20-calendar year army job incorporates 5 deployments immediately after 9/11, including time put in in Kuwait and Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, and Afghanistan. “But I would say a incredibly, really, really close next was executing a half-Ironman.”

How’s Troyn sensation about Sunday’s race in San Francisco—the Alcatraz-to-Marina dip in particular?

“Honestly, male, I’m searching ahead to that swim,” claims Troyn, who’s slimmed down from a beefy 230 lbs . to a lean, muscled 180 considering the fact that coming into the triathlon earth, and is open up about becoming in “a pretty darkish place” soon after some traumatic and heartbreaking military ordeals overseas. “A ton of my close friends are like, ‘Dude, are not you apprehensive about the sharks and currents that move at the velocity of Michael Phelps?’ I’m like, very well I volunteered to go to Iraq and Afghanistan, so not that a lot.”

Troyn’s race intention is to crack four several hours. His actual purpose while is just to take it all in—even if it prices him a several important seconds.

“The actual matter is, man—I’m alive. So throughout my swim, I’m gonna prevent in the middle of the bay. I’m just gonna eggbeater and tread drinking water for a small bit. I’m gonna glance about in the middle of San Francisco Bay. Who in the entire world gets the opportunity to do that? I’m gonna honor that. With any luck , I will not get in anyone’s way.”

Will Arthur Barker cross his thoughts when Ronnie Troyn can make his individual historic crossing.

“Maybe,” he laughs. “I’m wondering about him a whole lot much more than I was all of a sudden. I guess we’ll see.”

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