October 4, 2023


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Built for the Wild: G-SHOCK GGB100 Can Handle the Toughest Jobs on Earth

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For many years, G-SHOCK watches have received praise for their remarkable longevity, but the G-SHOCK GGB100 Mudmaster can take the brand’s rugged legacy to a new amount. From top to bottom, it’s created for absolute toughness to endure really hard perform in the most intense environments. And for Southern California-primarily based Hotshot firefighter Brian Anderson, tough perform and excessive environments are just part of the job. For most of the 12 months, he and his crew head to the entrance lines to comprise fires in wilderness regions all all over the place. It’s complicated work—and precisely what the GGB100 was developed for.

Amongst wildland firefighters, Hotshots like Anderson are the finest of the best—“the Navy SEALs of the wildland neighborhood,” as he puts it—and it is a reputation they gain by operating in some of the most brutal situations conceivable. Hotshots face unrelenting heat, smoke, and steep terrain, all although carrying weighty equipment and hustling to comprise one particular of nature’s most strong and unpredictable forces: wildfire. Even with two a long time of practical experience beneath his belt, the pretty actual danger of these fires retains Anderson on his toes each time he and his crew answer a phone.

“It’s nothing but an adrenaline hurry,” he tells Men’s Journal, “just genuinely powerful.”

Chris Wellhausen

We just lately caught up with Anderson as he and his crew commenced instruction for this year’s fireplace time. It was the best option to understand additional about the remarkable perform they do, and also a great way to place the GGB100 to the check.

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Hotshot education begins in Might and lasts various months. For the duration of that time, Anderson potential customers his 20-human being crew by lessons to brush up on firefighting expertise and drills to establish their health and familiarity with tools. A standard working day may well contain suiting up in comprehensive firefighting equipment and heading on a long hike through the mountains, clearing brush to make fire breaks, or simulating a reaction to a healthcare unexpected emergency.

“It’s sort of the equivalent of what soccer gamers would connect with hell week,” claims Anderson. “The physical demand is pretty arduous.”

wildland firefighter GSHock GGB100
Anderson in wildland firefighting gear. Chris Wellhausen

But it’s a cakewalk as opposed to battling an true wildfire. Initially, Hotshots have to traverse distant, mountainous terrain when carrying everything they have to have for a 16-hour shift—protective equipment, food stuff, drinking water, tools—on their backs.

At the time they arrive on the scene, they situation themselves proper at the edge of the flames. Temps frequently strike triple digits, thick smoke helps make respiratory pretty much extremely hard, and they perform to halt the fire by clearing brush and trees with practically nothing much more than hand applications and chainsaws. It’s powerful, backbreaking labor.

“You really do not quite have to be a bodybuilder, but you have to have the same mentality, and it has to be coupled with a marathon runner’s endurance,” points out Anderson. “It’s an intense desire on the system in a multitude of strategies.”

It also puts an intense demand on the Hotshots’ gear, such as what’s on their wrists. For Anderson, G-SHOCK is the only manufacturer of watch that will make the quality. He purchased his to start with G-SHOCK shortly right after turning out to be a firefighter, and he was astonished by its efficiency on the occupation.

“It did not make a difference how terrible I beat it up, it under no circumstances stopped working,” he claims. “Not even for a second.”

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The GGB100 is the most recent evolution of G-SHOCK’s commitment to ultra-durable timepieces. Place simply, everything about this look at is tough. The case is created from a high-rigidity carbon substance that will not deform even when uncovered to bumps and scrapes, and thanks to innovations like protecting metal pipes around the buttons and an airtight inside seal, the view can go by dust, mud, and water with out missing a beat.

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In addition, the GGB100 will come loaded with tech to assist you retain your bearings in the wild. Its quad sensor makes it possible for it to display true time compass headings, temperature, altitude, phase rely, and barometric tension (primarily useful for staying abreast of sudden climate alterations). The G-SHOCK Related application unlocks even extra performance. There, you can customise the watch’s configurations and use the Mission Log function to blend its altimeter info with your phone’s GPS for a comprehensive search at your route.

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The G-SHOCK Linked application allows you to fine-tune the options of the GGB100. Chris Wellhausen

For Anderson, all of these characteristics mix to make a view which is incredibly valuable when battling wildfires. The digital and analog faces make it simple to examine, even in a haze of smoke. He especially likes the altitude readout, which is perfect for coordinating with helicopters and air tankers in hilly terrain, and owning temperature data suitable on his wrist will help him keep an eye on weather problems that influence a fire’s conduct. Immediately after all, staying a person stage in advance of the blaze is essential for completing the mission.

Of study course, toughness is critical, too: Even when digging through brush or laying hose traces, the GGB100 can cope with the warmth, smoke, grime, and mud that occur with the work.

“Almost every little thing it has to provide, we can place into useful application the place we are,” Anderson says.

In buy to do their occupation correctly, Hotshots like Anderson have to have total self confidence in their gear, in every other, and in them selves. If you are not well prepared for it, suggests Anderson, wildland firefighting can swiftly overwhelm you.

“We’re swinging equipment all day lengthy in some of the most intense environments in which the terrain is rugged, it’s steep, footing is uneven, and fireplace habits is at its most extreme,” he claims. “If you really don’t have the means mentally to thrust by yourself further more than you assume you can go, then you won’t past.”

Although Anderson receives many qualified candidates each individual calendar year, not every person tends to make the cut. Wildfires have a way of weeding out the fewer committed.

“Some of them have experienced to stand up and say, ‘I’m sorry but this is not for me. I simply cannot do this,’” he states.

Brian Anderson G-Shock
When battling a wildfire, Hotshots experience steep terrain, smoke, and triple-digit temperatures Chris Wellhausen

By drilling, climbing by the backcountry, and mastering the ins and outs of effective firefighting, Anderson will help his crew create the bodily and mental toughness they require to deal with the full power of a wildfire without having breaking down. In his see, there’s no substitute for true-globe wildfire working experience, but the training has a different critical reward: It aids the crew function superior as a team. Which is where by their best power lies.

“Little by minimal we come to be 1 genuinely effective and cohesive unit,” he states.

It’s tough to imagine a better embodiment of absolute toughness than Anderson and his crew. Most folks would not past 5 minutes in their boots, but their grit and encounter make them elite execs at just one of the most hard positions on earth.

The GGB100 was built to similarly high criteria. Other watches could settle for superior ample, but this one’s created for folks who put them selves and their gear to the test—every day.

Chris Wellhausen