December 9, 2023


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Best CBD Oils of 2022

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If you are reading this article, you have probably thought about adding CBD oils into your regimen. Oils are not the same as CBD tinctures, which is a common misconception. An oil is CBD extract combined with another carrier oil, such as coconut oil or hemp seed oil. A tincture is CBD extract mixed with an alcohol base.

There are plenty of ways to add CBD to your routine, but many people prefer oils as they tend to work faster. In addition, the rise of CBD is growing each day, with around 14% of Americans using it. This can make it very difficult to narrow down the best oils to choose from.

CBD is not the cheapest alternative to traditional medicine, and the market is drowning in options for people to choose from. So, that is where we come in. We have put in the leg work for you and done the necessary research to find the top five in the industry.

List of Best CBD Oil Brands Of 2022

1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best CBD Oil

2. BudPop – Most Potent Brand for CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

3. Hollyweed – Cannabis Oil Made with Organic Hemp Flower

4. Cheef Botanicals – Famous Brand for Hemp Seed Oil

5. Fab CBD – Contains Less Than 0.3% THC

Exhale Wellness – Overall Best CBD Oil

1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best CBD Oil

Exhale makes a number of CBD products, but their Full-Spectrum CBD Oil takes the cake. Since it is full-spectrum, it does contain a small amount of THC. It does not contain more than the legal amount, though, which is less than 0.3%.

This means it is non-psychoactive and cannot get you high. In addition, this company follows the ethics that we like to see, such as third-party lab testing and manufacturing via a clean CO2 extraction process. Ingredients, as we discussed, are a big part of determining if a company has a quality product or not.

Exhale has made it a point to note that they have 100% natural ingredients in their oil, and they provide you with a great amount of detail if you take some time to browse around their website.

Continuing on this trend, they claim their products only contain organic materials, which means their oil is a pesticide-free product you can trust.

Similarly, there are no preservatives or additives to make the product last longer or stretch itself. This is great, but you need to use the oil before its shelf date expires to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Getting into the nitty-gritty of the actual oils, there are a few things to consider prior to purchase. The oils only come in glass dropper bottles, so you would need to store them away from any place where they may be susceptible to being knocked over or falling. The website does have directions on how to take this product as well.

However, they do not have a dosing chart on their website, so it would be best to consult your physician to know the best amount to take for whatever purpose you are using it. In addition, it is available in two different potencies — 600mg and 1,200mg. The price for a 600mg bottle is $35.95, and the price for a 1,200mg bottle is $66.95.

The product is mixed with hemp seed oil as the carrier oil, which they claim is an omega-rich superfood with added health benefits. If you like the product, you can opt to subscribe and save 25% off every order you place after that.


• Two sizes to pick from

• Organic and Non-GMO

• Full-spectrum oil

• Manufactured by the CO2 extraction process


• Third-party lab tested

• 30-day money-back guarantee

• Vegan-friendly

• Free shipping


• Only available online

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

BudPop – Most Potent Brand for CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

2. BudPop – Most Potent Brand for CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

BudPop makes a wonderful CBD oil and is extremely involved in the world of CBD. They do not just sell their products, but they invest in themselves and the entire collection of CBD enthusiasts.

Additionally, BudPop only uses U.S.-grown, organic hemp to make their oils and other products out of, and they also prides themselves on passionate innovation. They are always looking for ways to create better products while helping those who need them at the same time. They are also heavily involved in CBD education, and as such, they are always learning to become the best and always willing to inform people of their narrative.

BudPop, like many reputable companies, has all of their products third-party lab tested to ensure the best quality products are going out to their customers. Plus, they offer bundle pricing with great discounts.

As far as their CBD oils go, they claim to be the most advanced on the market, with a ratio of 5:1 CBD to other cannabinoids in the product. This allows their product to be potent and pure.

They also include dosage recommendations, which obviously are not set in stone. But they are an excellent guideline to help you navigate how much you should be taking. Moreover, the brand claims their products are easier to digest if you take it sublingually or under the tongue, but you can mix it into drinks or foods if that is how you prefer to take it.


• Natural or Peppermint flavor available

• Brand prioritizes education

• No additives or preservatives


• Third-party lab tested

• Provides dosing recommendations

• Provides Certificates of Analysis on website

• Highly rated

• Free shipping

• 30-day money-back guarantee


• Available only on the brand’s online store

⇒ Visit the Official Website of BudPop

Hollyweed – Cannabis Oil Made with Organic Hemp Flower

3. Hollyweed – Cannabis Oil Made with Organic Hemp Flower

Hollyweed is another great brand in the industry, and they only use Colorado-grown hemp that is ethically sourced. So, you can trust the quality of the cannabis plant used to create the oils. In addition, their CBD is created using the same process as the other brands — clean CO2 extraction — so you know the product is safe and pure.

The CBD oil they offer is full-spectrum, meaning it does contain the legal amount of less than 0.3% THC. However, they claim the small amount of THC has no psychoactive effects. Just the pure quality of the CBD is what they focus on.

They pride themselves on creating reputable products that anyone can use, and their ingredients do not lack either. Similar to the other brands we have discussed, they are non-GMO and organic.

Sticking to the ingredients, they also use hemp seed oil as their carrier oil, adding benefits of a superfood and an omega-rich supplement.

For the details on their CBD oil, they have a few different claims, the first of which is that it is potent and the second of which is that it is easily digestible.

Moreover, Hollyweed states that their oil has a nutty yet earthy taste to it. This is great news, as CBD oil can often have a rather “too earthy” taste to it. This feature can also help narrow down if you genuinely want to try this product or not.

Many CBD websites we have looked through do not even mention taste nor offer a variety of flavors to choose from, so this is really pertinent information to have. Also, the bottles are offered in glass vial droppers, so again, be sure to store them where they will not be knocked over.

Additionally, Hollyweed recommends storing the bottle in a cool, dark, and dry place. No heat, light, or humidity should be near the product, or you risk compromising its integrity. Hollyweed offers four different sizes for your needs.

The first is 300mg of CBD per bottle at a price of $24.95. The next size is 600mg, which costs $35.95. The 1,200mg bottle costs $66.95, and the largest bottle is 3,000mg and comes at a price of $124.95.

While the website lacks actual dosing instructions, they recommend using only one serving daily. To take the product, place it under the tongue (sublingually) for the best results. Hollyweed states that you may also mix it into drinks or foods of your preference.


• Organic and Non-GMO

• Potent

• Easily digestible

• Nutty, earthy taste

• Four different size options


• Third-party lab tested for quality

• Free shipping

• 30-day money-back guarantee


• Small bottle sizes

• No direct dosing guides

• Full-spectrum means a small amount of THC present

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed CBD

Cheef Botanicals – Famous Brand for Hemp Seed Oil

4. Cheef Botanicals – Famous Brand for Hemp Seed Oil

The next brand we will discuss is Cheef Botanicals. This brand sells a full-spectrum CBD oil, so it does contain the legal amount of THC, sitting at less than 0.3%.

This also means it is non-psychoactive and will not get you high. Manufacturing-wise, it is made using a safe CO2 extraction method, which seems to be the standard in the industry.

They have promising claims that their ingredients are 100% natural, with no additives or preservatives. Cheef also claims that their oils are entirely organic and non-GMO. These are all things you want to consider when purchasing these products.

The carrier oil for Cheef’s CBD oil is hemp seed oil. As we know, hemp seed oil is a superfood, being rich in Omega fatty acids.

As far as the specs go for this oil, they are available in four different sizes. They come in 300, 600, 1,200, and 3,000mg vials. The 300mg and 600mg bottles come in 15ml. The 300mg is $24.95, and the 600mg is $35.95.

If you want to try the oils to see if they will work for you, we suggest purchasing a smaller milligram and corresponding bottle size, as the higher milligram and increased bottle size will be costly. So, keeping that tune, the 1,200mg bottle is 30ml and costs $66.95.

The largest milligram is also the largest bottle size at 60ml for a whopping $124.95. So again, please be sure you enjoy the product before purchasing a larger milligram and bottle size.

Cheef offers free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee should you dislike the products. They also offer a subscription plan where you can save 25% with each order you place.

The brand also has dosing guidelines, with the emphasized ones being placed under the tongue, or sublingually, for the fastest absorption. However, you can mix the oil into your favorite foods or drinks as well.

They recommend taking the oil twice daily for the best results, but again, it depends on what you are using it for and your lifestyle. You would not take it twice daily, let us say, if you were using it to help aid your sleep.


• No bad taste

• Full-spectrum

• 100% natural ingredients

• No additives or preservatives

• Available in four different sizes


• Free shipping on all orders

• Cruelty-free

• Lab tested for quality

• 30-day money-back guarantee

• 5-star customer reviews

• Offers a subscribe and save plan


• Small bottles

• Contains trace amounts of THC, with the product being full spectrum

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Cheef Botanicals

Fab CBD – Contains Less Than 0.3% THC

5. Fab CBD – Contains Less Than 0.3% THC

Fab CBD is another excellent option for pure CBD oil, as they are genuinely producing and distributing great products. They pride themselves on customer service and have a tight-knit family feel. In addition, Fab CBD has created a full-spectrum product that contains only the legal amount of THC, which is less than 0.3%. This means it is non-psychoactive.

A few things we appreciate about Fab CBD is that they source their hemp from Colorado and state it is ethically sourced. So, you can be sure that Colorado has high standards set in place to grow and produce quality hemp used for CBD products.

Their CBD oil is manufactured by the same CO2 extraction process that we have seen throughout the other brands discussed. In addition, Fab CBD promises pesticide-free oils as well.

They use organic materials to create their products, which is similar to the other CBD companies we have mentioned. Fab CBD is the first brand that actually guarantees that their customers get the freshest batch of CBD oils out there.

Moving forward, Fab CBD offers five flavors to choose from, which is the most we have seen on the market. They offer Natural, Citrus, Mint, Vanilla, and Berry flavors. If you are reluctant to try the more common earth-like flavors, then I would definitely recommend trying their brand first. As far as milligrams are offered, they offer four — 300mg, 600mg, 1,200mg, and 2,400mg.

The 300mg bottle is $39.00, and the 600mg bottle is $59.00. The 1,200mg bottle is $99.00, and the 2,400mg bottle is $129.00. All of the bottles come in one size — 30ml, or one fluid ounce.

Fab CBD is also one of the only brands that displays dosing instructions on the bottle. They also have the actual dropper itself labeled, so you know how much you are taking. This makes the dosing super easy and uncomplicated.

Fab CBD recommends storing the bottle in a dark, cool, and dry place, ensuring it is far away from moisture, heat, and light. They also recommend not touching the dropper directly to your tongue or mouth, as this can compromise the integrity of the product.


• Five flavors to choose from

• Organic ingredients

• Hemp sourced from Colorado

• Guarantees fresh CBD

• Four potencies to choose from


• Easy dosing with labeled bottle and dropper

• Third-party lab tested

• 5-star reviews by verified buyers

• Pesticide-free

• 30-day money-back guarantee


• Free shipping only when you spend $99 or more

• No subscribe and save option

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Fab CBD

How We Made This List

Lab Testing

Since the market is flooded, it is important for us to bring you the safest, purest oils out there. There is not one brand out of the five we will discuss today that lacks third-party lab testing.

This is important because companies have to take their product and send it to a lab that is unaffiliated with the brand. They will make sure the product is reputable, clean, safe, and not mixed with harmful substances.

This sort of follows along with lab testing. However, this is what the consumer can see based on the companies’ websites. Are they organic? Non-GMO? Vegan? Cruelty-free?

A company that genuinely cares about their clients’ well-being would put the time and effort into ensuring quality ingredients are going into making their products, especially oils that are ingested.

Company Honesty

There have been a few times where companies have made their “oils” with nothing even close to CBD extract. Therefore, when deciding if a product is worthy, you must determine whether the company has a belief system that they work into their products.

That is what we did here for you. Do they care about innovation? Do they care about ingredients? Are ingredients ethically sourced, etc.?

What You Should Know When Purchasing a Quality CBD Oil

We know the market is flooded. But given our suggestions above, you can decide between them. However, if you want to do your own research, we have a buyer’s guide on what to look for to ensure you are getting the best of the best the market has to offer.

Amount of THC

What makes CBD legal is having less than 0.3% THC, but some companies do not follow this rule.

You want to make sure you will not get a “head high” if this is not what you are after. Even a small amount of THC could potentially do this if you have never had CBD before.

Hemp Source

A part that could play into the quality of the CBD is knowing where the hemp was grown. Many companies are forthcoming with this information, so if you do not see it anywhere on the website, it may be questionable.

It is said that U.S. hemp is the better source, but narrowing it even further, the best would be hemp that comes out of Colorado, as it has a long history with hemp plants. Not to say hemp imported from overseas is terrible, but it is just not subjected to the same levels of testing required by the state and/or federal laws.

Unrealistic Health Claims

Companies should never tell you that their products will cure your cancer, liver disease, heart disease, etc. CBD is more about managing symptoms, not curing them.

In fact, companies that sell CBD are not allowed to make any health claims at all. The FDA has been finding and fining companies since about 2015 for these careless mistakes.

Third-Party Lab Test Reports

Lab reports allow you to see exactly what you are buying. Companies that perform these kinds of tests truly care about their clients and the products they are producing. The test ensures there is no foreign matter or contaminants and shows you the amount of CBD and THC in each product.

Type of Oil

CBD oil comes in three different types — CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, and full-spectrum CBD. CBD isolate contains CBD only, and no other cannabinoids or THC reside in this formulation.

Broad-spectrum CBD contains no THC but does have other cannabinoids. Likewise, full-spectrum CBD has other cannabinoids and trace amounts of THC.

Many people are reluctant to try CBD due to the THC factor, but not every CBD oil has THC in it. So, you will just want to make sure that you are choosing one of the THC-free products.

Additional Ingredients

Companies like to add different nutritional supplements to help aid the use of their products. These can be things such as melatonin for sleep, turmeric to reduce inflammation, glucosamine, chondroitin for joint health, etc.

Just ensure you are not getting too much of something if you are on other supplements as well. You do not want vitamin toxicity to occur.


Q1. What Is Carrier Oil?

A carrier oil is an oil blended into the CBD to allow your body to better absorb it. These can range from a variety of plant or nut-based oils. However, the most common one used is hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil is an excellent option, as it contains essential omega fatty acids. The short version is that the oil helps bring CBD to the tissues in your body so you can absorb them easier.

Q2. What Are the Side Effects of Taking CBD Oil?

While CBD is generally a safe product, it is important to note the potential side effects. These are weight and appetite changes, fatigue, and potentially even diarrhea.

It is always best to consult your physician before adding CBD as a supplement, especially if you are taking other pharmaceuticals for a specific illness.

Q3. What Does CBD Feel Like?

CBD feels like nothing in comparison to other THC-based products. However, there is a subtle aspect to it that some users have described as floating, hovering, or fuzzy sensations.

If the dosage is strong enough, it can produce sedative effects. Some users have also described feelings of being on autopilot.

Q4. What Are Common Reasons for CBD Use?

There are quite a few reasons people choose to use CBD. The first is for inflammation, such as muscle pain, bowel issues, and arthritis. The second is for general pain relief, such as arthritis, migraines, sclerosis, nerve pain, PMS pain, sickle cell anemia, and fibromyalgia.

The third is for sleep support for issues like insomnia, and the fourth is stress and anxiety relief. The fifth is for mood-related disorders such as bipolar disorder and OCD.

The sixth is for pets for things like arthritis, separation anxiety, hip pain, and post-surgical recovery. Lastly, CBD can be used for skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema.


As you can see, CBD has many uses and benefits for a wide range of people. However, there are also many factors that play into whether using CBD is the best choice for you and your lifestyle.

The main things to consider are ingredients, quality from lab reports, reasons for use, and if there are any other medications you take that could interfere with how the CBD works or how your medications continue to work.

You also should decide rather quickly what type of oil you want, such as CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD, or full-spectrum CBD.

Remember that the only one that has THC is the full-spectrum oils, but they do tend to work the best. Ensure you do your due diligence and research what you need to in order to have the safest and healthiest outcome possible.