October 3, 2023


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57.8 Percent ABV Collab Beer Ends Decade-Long Brewery War

In 2008, German brewer Schorschbräu fired the very first shot in what turned an epic beer war. The preliminary volley? A 31 percent ABV beer recognised as the Schorschbock. At the time, it was the strongest beer on Earth.

The difference would not very last.

A Scottish brewery, BrewDog, returned fire on the Germans with its Tactical Nuclear Penguin––a 32 percent imperial stout––only 11 months later on. Undeterred, the Germans went to get the job done on their signature Schorschbock and managed to up the ABV to a whopping forty percent.

For the upcoming couple years, the rival breweries went tit for tat in the reduced 40s. But in 2010, the Scots escalated this beer war to even weirder amounts with End of History––a 55 percent ABV beer that charge upwards of $one,000 a bottle and arrived in genuine stuffed squirrels. Significantly. From brewer to taxidermist.

BrewDog End of History served in a taxidermy squirrel.
Nope, we weren’t kidding about the taxidermy. Shutterstock

As you test to without end erase that image from your mind, we’ll permit you know that Schorschbräu finally reclaimed the coveted title with a 57.five percent Schorschbock in 2011.

Since then, Schorschbräu and BrewDog have seemingly agreed to a brewing ceasefire. But this year, the bitter rivals determined to do the unthinkable: be a part of forces to collaboratively brew the “world’s strongest beer.”

The Collaboration

Brewed in the Schorschbräu facility in Germany, the Scots sent around a barrel of their 26 percent ABV Death or Glory, which experienced been aged in a Scotch whiskey cask for ten years. When the brewing collaboration was intended to occur in-human being, COVID-19 pressured the brewers to get the job done jointly around Zoom.

In spite of the obstructions, the brewers were being equipped to complete the aim and prime their previous ABV data with a 57.eight percent beer, Strength in Quantities. Unsurprisingly, bottles of the “world’s strongest beer” collaboration offered out in significantly less than 24 hrs.

The Schorschbräu/BrewDog beer war has been extensive, sturdy and at instances, flat-out unusual, but this 57.eight percent ABV collaboration marks the prosperous and peaceful conclusion. Evidently, there actually is Strength in Quantities.

As for how the world’s strongest beer basically preferences? This Youtube beer reviewer presents us a virtual taster.

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