December 5, 2023


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5 Affordable Limited-Edition Bourbons and Whiskeys You Can Actually Find

These times, it would seem like minimal-edition bourbons and whiskeys virtually outnumber frequent goods. They undoubtedly get most of the notice, as keen whiskey fans scrabble for their chance at a uncommon, allotted, or unicorn bottle. There’s no denying George T. Stagg, 4 Roses Confined Version Smaller Batch, Previous Forester Birthday Bourbon, and their ilk are incredible whiskeys. But not everybody has the time—or budget—to keep track of a person down. Happily, these are not the only special releases on the shelf. There are many restricted-edition bourbons and whiskeys that fly underneath the radar, underappreciated by the trophy-boasting masses.



Ignore the Buffalo Trace Antique Selection and other bottles that are extremely hard to find at retail. These minimal-edition bourbons and whiskeys are available, cost-effective, and usually satisfying.


A bottle of Remus Repeal Reserve that is scheduled to be released in September 2021.
Remus Repeal Reserve Courtesy Impression

1. Remus Repeal Reserve

Countless whiskey makes supply juice from Indiana mega-producer MGP. But the distillery markets a quantity of its have labels, including George Remus bourbon. With accessibility to the very best barrels, including aged whiskeys that are turning into a lot more and extra scarce these times, Remus picks the cream of the crop for this yearly minimal version. Each individual year’s bottling blends two different large-rye mashbills—21 percent and 36 per cent rye—and a quantity of ages, typically in the 10- to 12-12 months-outdated range. Though its rate has risen steadily above the several years, the bourbon inside the bottle seems to be constantly refined, far too.


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A bottle of George Dickel 15-Year-Old Single Barrel bourbon. It's available in 20 states.
George Dickel 15-Year-Outdated Single Barrel Courtesy Graphic

2. George Dickel 15-Calendar year-Outdated Solitary Barrel

Stocks of perfectly-aged whiskey at the Cascade Hollow Distilling Firm have to be practically limitless. Not only does George Dickel release a hotly anticipated and double-digit-age Bottled in Bond Tennessee whiskey each spring, the manufacturer also rolled out a one barrel application in late 2020 with just about every barrel aged a complete 15 yrs. Offered to bars and dining establishments in about 20 states and growing—each of which can decide on its sought after bottling proof—the 15-yr-outdated single barrels will, by definition, differ. But with a shelf rate few other more-mature bourbons can match, and the distillery’s reputation for high-quality as assurance, it is a small threat to attempt out one—or several.


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A bottle of Barrell Dovetail bourbon/whiskey blend..
Barrell Dovetail Courtesy Image

3. Barrell Dovetail

Because its founding in 2012, Barrell Craft Spirits has been quietly revolutionizing the well-liked perception of blended whiskey. The company’s workforce of blenders can take weeks and in some cases months to develop each and every item. They slender down the flavor through a meticulous “microblending” course of action. Dovetail took pretty much a year to ideal, showcasing a mix of bourbon and whiskey finished in various cask forms: French oak, late bottled classic port, blackstrap molasses, and also Dunn Vineyards cabernet sauvignon. Proof varies by batch but is often cask energy, and although it’s common sufficient never ever to collect dust on shelves, tracking down a bottle is rather easy.


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A bottle of Yellowstone Limited Edition bourbon.
Yellowstone Limited Edition Courtesy Image

4. Yellowstone Restricted Version

Named for the nationwide park, with which it shares the delivery yr of 1872, this bourbon has been made at various diverse distilleries about time—its flavor profile and character changing with each and every iteration. The present-day version is made at Limestone Branch Distillery less than the very careful hand of master distiller Stephen Beam, whose ancestor J.W. Dant created the primary Yellowstone. Each and every year’s launch varies in composition, with previous versions showcasing barrel finishes including crimson wine and armagnac. Bottled at 101 evidence, Yellowstone Limited Version delivers a memorable tasting working experience. It warrants to be extra appreciated than it is.


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A bottle of Booker's bourbon next to a box for the same.
Booker’s Courtesy Impression

5. Booker’s

Despite the fact that it’s regularly out there, Booker’s is technically a series of minimal editions. Every batch includes a unique bourbon, never ever to be repeated. Preferred to suit a certain profile—intensely flavored, aged 6 to 7 yrs, often bottled without the need of chill filtration at barrel proof—individual Booker’s batches display more than enough variation to attract the two collectors and die-difficult followers who want to flavor comparatively. Batches arrive out a number of times a year, normally once for each quarter. On the other hand, in 2020 there had been a few releases as learn distiller Fred Noe could not discover sufficient barrels to meet his benchmarks. Every single batch is coded with the 12 months, sequence of release, and also a name that nods to the brand’s namesake. For instance, Booker’s 2021-02 “Tagalong Batch” was the next release of 2021. The title refers to the way Booker Noe “tagged along” with his grandfather, Jim Beam, to master the distilling ropes. The selling price has long gone up in excess of the many years but with continuously superior high quality and proofs routinely topping 120, Booker’s stays one particular of the greatest specials on the shelf.


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