April 14, 2024


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2022: The Gemini Women

Decanates are the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Gemini/Gemini Decanate — (May 22–31) –This Gemini has the gift of gab and will chit chat with others if today is your birthday if caught in a long queue at the grocery. People born at this time had a natural combination of creativity and logic.

(June 1 – 11) – Gemini/Libra Decanate – A career in the legal system is possible owing to the conjunction of Mercury and Venus. People born around this time are often creative and analytical.

Gemini/Aquarius Decanate (June 12-21) – Those born closest to summer are inspired by Aquarius, the water bearer. They can make more friends and join more groups under the influence of Uranus. They may also be more distinctive than those born in May and early June.

Fashion & Style: Gemini Woman.

If you question the Gemini woman about fashion, you’ll be lucky to get a word in edgewise. The energetic Gemini lady is well-versed in current fashion trends and news, and she is always a fashion step ahead of the herd.

Everything is so five minutes ago with the Gemini woman. She enjoys shopping with her companions and considers the mall her second home. This is the woman who will dress up her sweatpants with jewellery. She has a strong personality – both of them – and can change her thoughts as quickly as a race car driver can change gears. She has a habit of buying two of everything.

Her dress sense rocks – or crashes and burns — depending on which personality is in power. But whatever she wears, she does so stylishly, and she’s always heading to a party, a meeting, or a date with her phone in hand.

Gemini’s ‘thing’ is communication. She can be found in chat rooms if she sits there long enough. She may forget her earrings when she goes out, but she never forgets her Blackberry. She speaks quickly and expressively with her hands when she speaks, and what she doesn’t know about celebrity antics isn’t worth learning.

Magazines and celebrity websites are her go-to sources for fashion and beauty. What is the most popular trend right now? She’s aware of them and most likely has two of them in her closet. You won’t be able to tell enough about her by looking at her clothes, as she’ll have a plethora of costumes ranging from great to wacky sweatpants to stunning gowns and running shoes to six-inch high-heeled wonders.

She’s the same way when it comes to jewellery and accessories. Each costume must have its bag and shoes and some essential scarves and belts. What is it that she dislikes? She likes to converse and hear what’s going on, so anything that conceals her lips or ears is out. She’ll most likely have dozens of pairs of sunglasses, a plethora of chains, and a plethora of bling. However, she is unlikely to know where any of it is.

Although she appreciates the gossipy environment of the hairdresser and beauty shop, her hairstyles must be simple to maintain. Her hands are crucial. A manicure will always win out over a facial for her. The gaming style is ideal for the Gemini woman, and she’ll have the most gleaming lip gloss on the street. She is always successful in jobs that require outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, and she understands that looking beautiful helps her stand out. After all, she could one day be a news anchor or a talk show presenter!

The Gemini lady can perplex potential partners – is she sincere or not? This is a woman who can hold a phone conversation while necking. Some people believe the Gemini woman is a hopeless flirt, but they don’t get her true nature. She enjoys making friends of all kinds, and she has a lot of close female and male pals. When she is in a close relationship, she sees no reason to abandon her friends. Thus a jealous, possessive boyfriend may not be what she needs. Libra or Aquarius, or her opposite sign of Sagittarius, are free and easy air signs that will suit her well. Sagittarius isn’t clingy, and the Air signs appreciate her urge to speak and stay in contact.

The Gemini woman may need to settle down and find the ideal mate to fulfil both aspects of her personality. While she is unsure about commitment, she is certain about what she wants in terms of sex. She adores a sensual voice whispering sweet nothings. Thus a partner’s voice will be an issue. Relationships can be ruined by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Touch is crucial to a Gemini lady; her hands can reveal a lot about a person.

The Gemini woman will learn the ins and outs of her area wherever she lives, and she will like apartment living that puts her in the centre of everything. Her taste is as broad as her style, but she is unlikely to be swayed by heavy old furniture, even an antique. She’s more likely to have the most up-to-date laptop and home entertainment system than a four-poster bed, and she’s far more likely to be out and about than cooped up at home.