December 9, 2023


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15 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Nose Job

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Sitting on the center of your face is your nose, so it is something that people would look at once they see you, affecting the way your face looks to them. Here are the 15 things you should know before getting a nose job that you have to know before you have to choose whether or not you should get a rhinoplasty.

What to know before getting a nose job?

1. Go into it with a realistic expectation

When you are starting off with your nose job journey, you have to step foot into it with realistic expectations. You may look at a celebrity’s nose and envision that as the perfect nose for you, but you may not have the same bone structure so duplicating the way it looks could be impossible.

2. Choose the right surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon for your surgery may be hard, since there are a lot of factors that you are going to have to look into, but you have to take the time to pick the right surgeon for you. You have to find someone who you are comfortable with, admirable, reputable, and trustworthy.

3. Take some time off

Rhinoplasty could be done just in and out, you could go to the clinic during lunch and come back to work that same day, though you may be coming back with a bandage on your nose. It’s going to take a while to heal, depending on each person, so you have to plan time off for about a week.

4. Consider other procedures

You could get your consultation with a professional to make sure that your nose is the one that you are going to have to change to achieve the kind of look that you are looking for, because sometimes the problem may be the chin, especially if the problem is about the symmetry of your face.

5. Nose jobs are not only for women

Usually, when people are talking about nose jobs, there is this connotation that it is only for women. But men could get the procedure as well since nose jobs are not only for aesthetic purposes.

6. You may not be the ideal candidate

Though a factor of being the ideal candidate for a nose job is anyone who is not happy with how their noses look like, health puts in a big impact.

What should you not do before rhinoplasty?

1. Avoid some medication

You should avoid taking the following medication within two weeks before your surgery because these could disrupt the way the anesthesia works:

  • Vitamin E
  • NSAIDs
  • Herbal supplements
  • Herbal medications


2. Stop smoking

Smoking could affect your healing process and affect your overall health negatively since it could disrupt your blood flow. You have to avoid smoking cigarettes 2 weeks before your surgery so that you can heal properly after your surgery.

3. Address all of your concerns

Before you even have your surgery, you have to make sure that all of your concerns and questions are addressed to make sure that all of them are answered and you would feel comfortable with everything and know what you need to do. You could do your own research, but to make sure, talk to your doctor.


4. Don’t wear any make-up

When you put on make-up before your surgery, it could only increase the risk for induction, so you have to make sure that your face is clean and free of any products when you are on your way for your surgery that day.

Pros of getting a nose job

1. Confidence

If you are insecure about how your nose looks, then getting a nose job would be able to help you with your self-esteem and give you a little nudge of confidence, giving you the happiness that you want to achieve.

2. Improved breathing

If you are suffering from long-term breathing issues and you may feel restricted with breathing, rhinoplasty may be able to help you with your breathing so that you would be able to breathe properly.

3. Snoring

Getting a nose job may impact the way that you sleep, especially if you have a snoring problem. Getting a rhinoplasty would be able to give you a permanent solution to fix a problem that not only affects you but may affect the people you sleep with.

4. Sinus problem

Sinus problems may be the cause of all of your headaches, nasal congestion, and all of your sinus pressures making it harder for you to be able to breathe properly. A nose job would be able to help you solve almost all of these problems.

5. Broken nose

Having a broken nose may bring you such incredible pain, and having a nose job would be able to help in relieving the pain on your nose and improve the appearance of your nose. 

Does getting a nose job change your voice

Generally, a nose job would not affect your voice drastically, you may notice some changes here and there, especially when you are singing, but you would not notice it in a normal conversation. If you are a performer, on the other hand, rhinoplasty might be able to change your voice, depending on the tone and the technique that you are using when you are performing up on that stage. The only way that your voice may possibly change is when you are getting a procedure to help fix your fractured turbinates, radical changes on your nasal bone position, and deviated septum.