How to Use a Landmine to Raise the Bar on Your Strength Workouts

Typically, barbells travel in two directions: up and down. But using a landmine—a hefty base on the ground with a sleeve to fit the end of a barbell—the heavy metal can move in more directions. “A landmine is more complex, allowing the barbell to move rotationally and around a person,” says Ryan Hopkins, founder of Soho Strength Lab in New York City. The base offers stability, streamlining movement patterns and allowing for safer high-intensity training.

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3 Exercises to Improve Your Hand and Grip Strength

You can rattle off your deadlift PR and max pullups, but how good is your grip strength? It’s an overlooked aspect of fitness that’s gaining attention. For starters, it can help you lift more and do more pullups; often, small muscles in the hands and fingers give out on holding the weight or pullup bar before the major muscles that drive the movements. It’ll improve sports like rock climbing, golf, and tennis. And grip strength can help reduce hand and wrist injuries while improving fine motor function. Plus, researchers at the University of Vienna in Austria suggest that grip strength … Read More

Nerding Out on Muscle Growth, Strength, and Rep Schemes

A 6 Pack of Awareness podcast that addresses power, hypertrophy, teaching science, and a lot, a lot a lot more.


Greg Nuckols is a report-holding powerlifter, health author, podcaster, and all-round teaching nerd operator of More robust by Science. He aims to enable lifters and coaches to practice smarter.


In this episode, we discuss:


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Build Shoulder Strength to Avoid Injury

Your shoulder overall flexibility and complexity can go away it additional inclined to personal injury if it isn’t experienced to be sturdy.

The shoulder. Probably it isn’t the finest design and style out there, but it does let persons to do some really incredible points. When you consider about which joints in the human overall body are most vulnerable to personal injury, there’s a balanced competitors amongst the shoulder and the knee for the leading spot.


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How to Make Your Strength Routine Evidence-Based

As an stamina guy, I invest an uncomfortable total of time imagining about matters like the do the job-relaxation ratio of my interval routines and the further energy required to run all around corners. Meanwhile, my views about power education hardly ever increase over and above the imprecise feeling that I should likely do some.

To remedy that imbalance, here’s a roundup of new investigate that delivers some handy takeaways about the what, when, and how of resistance education. (For the why, choose a seem at this former short article on the url amongst power education and running efficiency.)


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