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Italy, Spain and Other Countries Close Beaches Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Monday early morning, on Instagram, Joel Tudor posted an image of a surfer going for walks down an empty beach front with a barreling wave in the track record. The caption suggests, only: “Only issue they can not close!”

Besides, perhaps they can?

Italy, one of the countries strike toughest by the COVID-19 pandemic, went on complete lockdown very last week, closing all universities, retailers and sporting events, officials ordering people to remain property, besides for vital vacation. And, as it turns out, that purchase extends to the beach front, with fines for those people who disobey the procedures. … Read More

This 58-Year-Old Is Still a Mountain-Bike King

Tinker Juarez likely would not be a extremely superior accountant. Or salesman. Or definitely any variety of desk jockey. And he is aware that. The 58-12 months-outdated mountain-biking legend has been riding since he was thirteen, and whilst he doesn’t regret his lifestyle choices, sometimes he thinks about other avenues when he’s on his bicycle, passing men and women commuting to do the job. “I don’t know what I’d be doing if I was not riding,” he says. “I cannot see myself sitting in any variety of constructing all working day. Probably I’d be a gardener and mow lawns. I … Read More

Can Testosterone Therapy Cause Blood Clots in Men?

A warning to gentlemen below sixty five: A JAMA Inside Drugs review observed that gentlemen on testosterone treatment are about 2 times as possible to suffer a deep vein blood clot vs . in advance of treatment, even if it is for hypogonadism, a problem in which the overall body does not produce sufficient testosterone.

6 Ideal Fixes for Hair Decline

The odds go up if you are below sixty five. Some feel testosterone may thicken blood and increase the amount of cells that aid with clotting.

Think difficult in advance of getting testosterone to reverse the signs of aging.… Read More

Could Heartburn Meds Lead to Drug-Resistant Germs?

man with heartburn

The findings do not prove that PPIs — which incorporate well-liked brands these types of as Prilosec (omeprazole), Prevacid (lansoprazole) and Nexium (esomeprazole) — are the lead to, authorities said.


But they are the newest to raise protection questions about the prime-promoting prescription and over-the-counter medicines.… Read More

This Hilarious Mockumentary Parodies Ski Movie Cliches

Picture the opening shots of a ski film: swirling mists, a skier (probably a man, based on this year’s crop of ski films) clicks into their bindings, and launches into a sprawling sea of… grass?

“The Kook” establishes itself from inception as a deadpan sendup of the intensity and self-seriousness of ski films. It has fun without so much as a wink while taking on the archetypal comeback and outcast stories that the industry loves to tell. With its words of wisdom emanating from the mouth of a … Read More

10 Things to Know About the Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus disease—officially known as COVID-19—is hitting Europe and the Middle East and has made landfall in the U.S. with more than 100 cases. Like a lot of you, we’ve followed the outbreak with a mix of dread and fascination, and with frequent refreshes to the amazing coronavirus map published by Johns Hopkins. The good news is that activities in the mountains—where people can remain at a safe distance from each other—will probably continue to be safe. But everything from yoga to the Olympics could get dicey.

Coronaviruses might live for up to nine days on countertops.

Nobody knows yet … Read More