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Eight Greats: The Best Vehicles We Drove in 2020

We’re staring down the road at an electric powered future, there’s no question: Governments and automakers have pivoted to very long-time period strategies wherever battery-electric powered powertrains are paramount. But which is not the only tale on autodom, as evinced by the ideal vehicles and vans we drove above the training course of this extremely unique calendar year. On our “best of” listing, you are going to come across two norm-defying pickups, a sport-altering Corvette, a Land Rover with ample off-road chops to cure your cabin fever for superior, and much more. Below are the drives we dug the most … Read More

How to Launch UTV Off-Road Adventures

The pandemic has not been poor for every business enterprise. With people today checking out nearer to household, hunting for social length has resulted in a selection of outdoor field groups dealing with unprecedented growth. In cities like Los Angeles, Strava measured that biking trips increased by a staggering 93 percent while other socially distant sporting activities like surfing, fishing, and off-roading claimed an explosion in acceptance due to the fact the pandemic started.

This is all excellent information for niche areas of those people marketplaces far too, like UTVs for off-street lovers. Much more generally referred to as aspect-by-sides, … Read More

This 10-Move Core Workout Will Kick Your Ass

Despite the burn you feel in your quads after a long day in the mountains, skiing isn’t all in the legs. “For anyone who’s inspired to get stronger and more aggressive on skis, working on your core strength is the place to start,” says professional big-mountain skier Johnny Collinson.

When you ski, you want your legs to be able to work separately from your upper body, like when mogul skiers dart their skis around bumps while their torsos calmly float down the fall line. A strong core—which is your whole trunk (front, side, and back)—is the foundation of this movement, from initiating the turn … Read More

The World’s Strongest 70-Year Old

A life span of classes from a lifting legend, Odd Haugen, on what it will take to get to the leading and how to keep there.


The phrase legend is thrown about as well generally, but in this episode, we are truly joined by a legend of energy sports activities – Odd Haugen.


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Laird Hamilton and Joe Rogan on Staying Fit at Any Age

As you get older, general health and fitness looks to be a person of the to start with things to slip. Maybe you are much too occupied, much too fatigued, too stressed––the checklist of excuses goes on. Nonetheless, a person excuse that is merely not true is that you are also outdated.

When no person reported having more mature is easy––especially when it will come to keeping fitness––there are innumerable illustrations of more mature athletes who defy their age and carry on performing at a large degree. Two key examples are Laird Hamilton and Joe Rogan. Even though equally … Read More