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How Saunas Could Boost Your Mental Health

We’re about an hour into our session at the Russian and Turkish Baths, an aged-school bathhouse in New York’s East Village, when my friend Matt closes his eyes, throws his head again, and claims, “I’m getting hit.” The two of us are sitting on a tiled ledge. 50 %-naked men and women in robes and bikinis mill about. I’m experience sweaty and, as common, anxious. But by the time we emerge onto the sidewalk an hour later on, I come to feel immensely refreshed. My palms are wrinkled and pale, and I’m relaxed in strategies I have not felt in … Read More

Why Running More Can Help You Live Longer

You may perhaps not be as fleet-footed as you have been in your 20s. But even when you’re plodding alongside, managing allows prolong your life.

A meta-examination in the British Journal of Athletics Medicine gathered details on more than 232,000 persons throughout reports spanning up to 35 several years and discovered that any amount of managing, at any velocity, lowers a person’s risk of dying by a staggering 27 %.

Other scientists have prompt that managing is a life extender mainly because the sport has positive results across the body—on blood tension, entire body bodyweight, coronary heart wellness, cancer risk, … Read More

As Bears Wake Up for Spring, a Reminder on Staying 'Bear Aware'

Spring is just about formally listed here, bringing us hotter temperatures and lengthier days. Individuals who sleep as a result of the winter season are waking up—and by “those,” we imply bears. Bears from Connecticut to Western Canada are starting to rise, no matter whether the natural way or by human-prompted disturbances. It is generally crucial to give them their place.

For bears, how they went into hibernation dictates how they wake up. For illustration, if a bear acquired tons of calories in the drop, they could not be tremendous hungry when they wake up. Another issue is how heat … Read More

What We Can Learn from Studying Older Marathoners

At the Frankfurt Marathon last October, a 59-year-old Irishman named Tommy Hughes threw down a stunning 2:27:52. The time was a single-age world record—and when Hughes’s 34-year-old son Eoin crossed the line a few minutes later, in 2:31:30, their combined time of 4:59:22 earned them a spot in the Guinness World Records book for fastest father-son duo.

Their performances also got them into the Journal of Applied Physiology, which last month published the results of a series of physiological tests on them by a research team led by Romuald Lepers of the University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté in France, working … Read More

The Best High-Intensity, Low-Impact Rowing Workouts to Melt Body Fat

By engaging in lung-busting, muscle-burning bursts of physical activity with little time to recover, your body more efficiently melts fat. It’s called high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and odds are you’ve been incorporating it into your fitness regimen for years now. But as you get older, those years of playing college football, pounding the pavement, and popping into workout classes take a heavy toll on your joints. To save your hips, knees, and low back, it pays to shift some of your HIIT workouts to high-intensity, low-impact training (HILIT).

“Rowgatta is NYC’s first high-intensity, low-impact training (HILIT) bootcamp class,” says co-founder … Read More