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Hompath Expert Systems

Homeopathy has been practiced in a different way by diverse individuals throughout the globe. There have been diverse educational facilities of

Periodic Table by Quality

Periodic Table by Good quality (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

prescribing which have proved by themselves to be productive in their personal techniques in quite a few circumstances to elicit excellent cure. These are the time-examined principles which have eventually advanced into the Qualified Units in the sort of softwares.

Hompath presents seven Qualified Units:

  • Tempraz Qualified Program
  • Acute Qualified Program
  • Ingredient Theory Qualified Program
  • Seigal Qualified Program
  • Kent Qualified Program
  • Boenninghausen Qualified Program
  • Boger Qualified Program

Tempraz Qualified Program:

Tempraz Qualified Program is made on Dr. Parinaz Humranwala’s temperamental system of prescribing. In accordance to Dr. Humranwala, the temperament is the “real self” and temperament is the costume a person puts on more than oneself. Hence, comprehension temperaments tends to make the course of action of circumstances using and discovering similimum a lot easier and nearly foolproof.

Tempraz Qualified Program, assists you apply with utmost simplicity using into consideration the five fundamental temperaments i.e Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic, Anxious and Phlegmatic. Tempraz analysis is the heart of the Tempraz Qualified Program. It assists you to zero in to the temperament of the individual, and come across his similimum. The temperament of the individual can be calculated and his accurate nature can be understood applying the seven diverse criteria provided in the software program.

Most significant and unique element of Tempraz is ‘Temperament Quotient’ which assists us to decide the dominant temperament of the individual. Temperament filter can be used to the repertorization sheet and the similimum can be narrowed down with excellent simplicity.

Applying Tempraz you can:

  • Convert individual language or working day to working day language in to rubrics with simplicity.
  • Work out patient’s Temperament.
  • Get further insights into five fundamental Temperaments.
  • Tempraz Materia medica

Acute Qualified Program:

Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s Acute Qualified Program provides us the assurance to deal with acute disorders with excellent simplicity and whole self esteem.

Acute prescriber is a element designed out of essence of expertise of thirty several years of homoeopathic apply of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar. This system is extensively attempted and examined. It is based mostly on the flow chart of acutes, which is most current and newest, with new remedies. Intensive referenced data is incorporated in the software program including seven guides of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar.

The software program delivers:

  • Acute Qualified Program
  • Chart Of Acutes
  • Textbooks by Dr. Prafull Vijaakar
  • Remedy Tips
  • Acute Swift References as the treasure of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar
  • Theory Of Suppression

Acute Qualified Program is also offered as a stand-by itself variation.

The Ingredient Theory Qualified Program:

Ingredient Theory Qualified Program is based mostly on Ian Scholten’s substantial get the job done accomplished on the components from the periodic table. This Qualified Program eases your way to comprehension the complexities of periodic table in relation to Homeopathy. It assists to have an understanding of the co-relation in between the components in the periodic table and Homeopathy.

The software program contains

  • The Qualified Program
  • Elemental sensible assessment
  • Repertory of Components
  • Ingredient Theory Reference Chart
  • Scholten’s Materia Medica of diverse components
  • Situations of diverse components
  • Ingredient Spiral outlining Scholten’s Theory

Seigal Qualified Program:

Seigal Approach is about practising on the thoughts of the individual. The thought is that if a person is unwell, he has a characteristic condition of ‘Present, Persisting and Predominating symptoms’, which mirror in his thoughts and steps. The outward manifestation of the thoughts reflected at diverse levels, in diverse techniques, are transformed to rubrics and the similimum is observed.

If we are ready to derive mental rubrics of the individual in just a issue of five-ten minutes, that will be a excellent aid to us in our apply and 100s of several hours will be saved when interpreting the mental condition of the individual. This methodology created by Sehgal Medical practitioners assists us to choose mental rubrics when the individual is narrating his main criticism.

The Program has:

  • Seigal Qualified Program
  • In-depth comprehension of a huge selection of rubrics
  • Cured circumstances of Drs. Sehgal and their workforce
  • A entire comprehension of the functioning of SSRH
  • Sehgal Dictionary
  • ROH e-book library

Acute Qualified Program, Ingredient Theory Qualified Program and Seigal Qualified Program are also offered in stand-by itself variations.

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