December 5, 2023


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Expert Tips on How to Fit and Load a Backpack for a Pain-Free Hike

I’ve carried out a handful of prolonged hikes in earlier several years, like the four-day Laugavegur trek in Iceland and a whole-day 14er hike on Quandary Peak in Colorado. No issue which pack I use or how I load it up, nonetheless, my back appears to be to ache.

Or my shoulders. Or my neck.

For a correct fit, measure from the C7 vertebra down to the hip bone (aka the iliac shelf). Image: Courtesy of Osprey Packs

These hotspots don’t always destroy my trek, but even moment pain adds only anguish and annoyance to a hike. Alternatively of focusing on how to regulate your straps on the go or wishing you had less bodyweight though going for walks, focus on starting off appropriately from the beginning.

We spoke with Chris Horton, product or service line manager for Osprey, about how to thoroughly fit and load a backpack.