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Brazilian Skateboarder Leticia Bufoni on Breaking Into the Boys Club

Leticia Bufoni, Brazil’s 5-time X Video games gold medalist and eventual Olympian on the 2020 Olympic postponement, talks breaking into the boys club and skateboarding in regardless of what the hell she wishes.



But to start with, the fundamentals:

Age: 27

Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil

Best 3 Job Highlights:

  1. Relocating to California from Brazil at 14 to pursue skateboarding
  2. Winning debut Street League Skateboarding title in 2015
  3. Profitable very first position in Skateboard Avenue at the 2013 X Online games

Men’s Journal: How did you experience about the postponement of the 2020 Olympics, offered all the instruction and psychological preparing?

Leticia Bufoni: We’d been having all set for the previous two or three decades and everyone was so prepared for this minute it having postponed a year—it kind of sucks. At the very same time, we have much more time to coach. I believe skateboarding, in general, will get additional interest.

How do you see skateboarding fitting into the Olympics?

Skateboarding has improved a large amount in the previous number of years, and it is come to be a more serious activity. Before, it was a life-style and now it is a activity. Skateboarding is ultimately having the interest it deserves due to the fact we coach like athletes we compete, consume healthy, and do everything that a actual athlete does. Skateboarding is a sport, and now, folks at last acknowledge that.

What is the physical preparation?

I love doing work out, so I’ll quite a lot do every thing. Most of the exercise I do is concentrated on skateboarding, so I do stability education, a lot of stretching, together with ankle and hip mobility.

How did you initially get fascinated in skateboarding?

I commenced skating all-around the age 9 or 10. All my close friends bought skateboards, then I had no one to enjoy soccer with I started out skating so I was not by yourself. I was the only girl skating and I was undoubtedly fighting all the time with the boys, for the reason that which is what young ones do.

Owning ladies glimpse up to me is a desire, due to the fact I did not have that when I was skateboarding.

Has anything improved because?

When I commenced skateboarding, females didn’t have the aid that we do nowadays. We didn’t have that many contests or sponsors. Now that we have far more females in the sport, we have bigger events, and it’s getting less difficult and a lot easier to compete. But I don’t forget when I to start with started out skating, it was super challenging, and there was no help.

Following uprooting and transferring to Los Angeles at age 14, was it also hard to go away school and pursue competitive skateboarding?

I love skateboarding so a lot. I understood it was what I wished to do for lifestyle. I realized I had to halt school and aim on competing simply because you can usually go back to faculty but, skateboarding, if you do not do it when you are younger, it will get more durable and more difficult.

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You incorporate manner and magnificence into skateboarding. How is that received by other skaters?

Considering that I like to function out so much, I was generally wearing conditioning outfits. One day, I started skating in leggings, and all people was hating on me. They stated it didn’t look excellent, I was going to get damage, that the outfits ended up much too restricted. It’s cozy. You have obtained to be relaxed. It does not make a difference what you’re donning. Now everybody is sort of used to looking at me skate in exercise session apparel, so they do not even say nearly anything any more. There’s a new generation now and they are all putting on leggings and commencing to come to be far more feminine.

Assume you started off a trend?

I assume so. In advance of, I experienced never ever seen any ladies skating in leggings. And back in the day, everyone was form of tomboy with their outfits. Now anyone is carrying make-up and having their hair finished to go skating. I have been accomplishing this simply because I want to glimpse excellent. I want to appear like a lady and rip on a skateboard.

How’s it experience to have other skaters, and girls, glimpse to you for inspiration?

From wherever I arrived from to in which I am now, having women search up to me is a desire. I want to maintain inspiring additional ladies. I want to be a position product. I want to be anyone other folks can look up to because I did not have that when I was skateboarding.

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