June 25, 2024


Appreciate your health

Why Would Any Sane Person Take Up Running?

In composing and illustrating my new ebook, I Dislike Functioning and You Can Too, I wanted to tackle plenty of the whys and hows of length jogging, for both equally longtime runners and those who are curious about performing their to start with 5K. The guide is not so considerably about unique training ideas or what footwear to wear rather, it clarifies why any sane person would, in the 21st century, run any farther than they needed to capture a bus. I use more than 65 illustrations to make perception of factors like procrastination, setbacks, soreness, and comparing ourselves to other runners, as well as to offer standpoint on a pastime that would seem strange to others and, plenty of moments, to all those of us who run, way too. 

The following illustrations all show up in the guide, which is out there for preorder now and ships March 16. 

From Chapter 13: “Loving Some thing Is Distinctive than Liking It” 

"I should probably go for a run today" timeline

From Chapter 4: “Compete (Versus Oneself)”

You vs. You, if you had skipped this run vs. you, six months ago vs. you, when you were a person who never could have imagined running this far

From Chapter 9: “Progress Is Not a Straight Line” 

A plan, ideally

A plan, actually

From Chapter 7: “Inspiration Is Not a Strategy”

Inspiration: "The First Day" vs. "The Rest of the Days"

From Chapter 8: “Write Your Have Definition of Success” 

People who get to decide what the point of all your running is: you

From Chapter 11: “There Are No ‘Hacks’” 

The zen of running: Put in the miles so you can put in the miles so you can...

Brendan Leonard’s new e-book, I Detest Managing and You Can Way too: How to Get Began, Retain Likely, and Make Sense of an Irrational Passion, is out there for preorder now.