October 3, 2023


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Why Thinking About Death Makes Us Happier

Why Thinking About Death Makes Us Happier

In the United States, we not often believe about death—especially our very own dying. And when we do, it tends to make us sad and unpleasant. But there are highly effective gains to often contemplating the fact that our time in this environment will finally arrive to an close. The change in point of view can be profound and lead to a kind of deeply felt and enduring appreciation for lifestyle. In this initial episode of a new collection discovering pathways to pleasure, we hear from journalist Michael Easter, who can make the circumstance in his bestselling e book The Comfort Disaster that, inspite of all the conveniences and relieve of contemporary lifestyle, we are a lot less content than past generations. A major motive for this, he claims, is that we really do not feel about dying just about adequate.

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