December 9, 2023


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What You Need To Know About Home Fire Insurance

Whether you buy home insurance or not, there are provisions in the law and home fire insurance can be of great help here if damage to your or someone else’s property occurs. To compensate, where applicable, it is useful to read the coverage margin.

If a fire or explosion causes damage to your property, you will have to take measures to make up for the damage. Firstly, contact your insurance company within 5 business days of the accident and send them an acknowledgment of receipt. This includes your name and contact details, the date and cause of the loss, a description of the damage, and an estimate. each amount.

Within the agreed period, an expert will be sent by the insurance company to the spot to assess the damage. Joining this specialization is highly recommended. First provide an explanation, possibly arguing your point of view, and then provide the burned or damaged item, photos, invoices, and warranty cards to provide information supporting the damage.

By the way, you can be assisted by another professional of your choice if your contract includes a “professional fee” guarantee, which includes full or partial reimbursement of the fee. In case of disagreement between the experts, the first two-thirds hold a so-called “arbitration” and draw up a final report. You decide on the final report.

Also, it is important to know that even though many home insurance policies include “fire,” unlike home fire insurance, there are limits to what can be covered. Firstly, it is your responsibility to check the validity of your contracted hours. This is justified by not receiving a letter from the insurer indicating greater assurance after 30 days or more for whatever reason. Furthermore, fire is by definition a burning flame, and damage caused to appliances, electronics, or computers by, for example, voltage surges or short circuits, is excluded by insurance companies.

The same goes for non-fire damage, such as a sofa from cigarette smoke or a boiler failure. Therefore, it makes sense to include “electrical damage” and “house damage” coverage in your insurance policy to insure your entire home, until you have confirmed its validity in your current terms. Finally, note that in addition to fire damage, emergency intervention damage such as firefighters is also supported where protection is involved.

If your neighbors’ property is damaged by a source from your home, the law sets out your obligations to you or your landlord if you rent, and these should also be covered by your Property Insurance. In most cases, this will result in direct coverage by your neighbor’s insurance company without applying the deductible. However, if there were no discrepancies in the accident report, you are always obliged to send the claim to the other party’s insurance company which handles the follow-up.