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Things To Bring On Your Travel Nursing Assignment

10 Things Nurses Need To Pack When On Assignment | Travel Nursing

Just like when travelling for pleasure you have to be prepared when you get assigned as a travel nurse. Apart from the things you have to bring, you have to be ready mentally, physically and emotionally especially if it is your first time to work away from your residence. Here are the list of things to bring on your travel nursing assignment and some tips. 

Travel Nursing For Beginners and Travel Nursing Tips


Bring all the documents needed for your travel nursing jobs here are list of the most important documents you should bring:

  • Driver’s license

You might need to drive to your workplaces if the public   is not available. Make sure it is updated so you don’t  have to worry about the validity of your license. 

  • Social Security Card

Your social security card will serve as your valid identification card, so you have to always bring it with you. 

  • Passport and Other Travel Documents

If you will be traveling by plane don’t forget your passport and airline  ticket to avoid hassle and delays. 

  • Nursing License and Certificate 

License is very important since this will serve as your ticket in working in other states, some states require a state license and your travel agency can assist you to get one. They will also be keeping a copy of your license and certificate, so they can show this to the medical facility you will be assigned to. 

Travel Nurse Survival Kit 

As a nurse you should always be ready with your first aid kit. Make sure it contains the following items: band-aids, bandages, compress bandages, and gauze, antiseptic cold, compress, tape, glove, breathing barrier, thermometer, tweezers, scissors, and a thermal blanket. This can come in handy if you are at home or in the hospital. Add medicines for pain and fever since these are the common conditions patients can have.  

Care Package For Traveling Nurse

  • Proper Clothing 

Bring scrubs and uniforms as prescribed by the travel nurse agency. Also bring casual clothes to wear when you are off duty, you can also do some research on what activities you can do on your destination so you will know what set of clothes to bring. Be aware of the weather so you can bring proper clothes to keep you warm or keep you fresh.

  • Toiletries 

Bring enough toiletries that you can use for your first week, so you don’t have to go shopping on the first week since it will be your adjustment period in fixing the place where you will stay.

  • Electronics 

Bring all your electronics accessories such as charger, speaker and other connectors you need. Mobile phones are important so bring all their accessories so it will be easier for you to use your apps that can help you have a more convenient stay in your destination. 

  • Household Items 

You will be staying in a semi furnish or fully furnished place but you have to bring your own utensils and cook wares. Mugs and glasses will also be a necessity , you can bring portable drinking containers so you can use them when on shift and at home. Choose household items that are not too bulky. 

  • List Of Emergency Numbers

Create a hard copy of the emergency numbers of your place of destination and also save them on your phone. Include on your list your doctor’s number, your travel nurse agency’s number, your parent’s number and your insurance agent’s number. 

Travel Nurse To-Do List

Creating your to-do list can make you more organized in packing your things before leaving for your palace of assignment. Bringing the basic things that you need can help you save from spending too much upon arriving in your destination. Creating a list of things to bring on your travel nursing assignment can help you know which ones are important and which ones can be eliminated. If you have to travel by plane then make sure that your luggage allowance is enough to cover all the things you have to bring. 

If you are wondering what is the difference in preparing for Per Diem Nursing Vs Travel Nursing , travel nursing would have more preparation needed, however remember to always be prepared when it comes to getting assigned to different destinations.