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The Single Best Shoulder Exercise for Men

Overhead presses are one particular of the finest moves to build shoulder power and mass. They make up the deltoids and muscles that help the scapula, strengthening the shoulder by means of a wide selection of movement and improving upon efficiency both equally in and out of the health and fitness center. But they’re not the single most effective shoulder exercise for adult males. That title belongs to the landmine shoulder press.

Why? Because even when you’re mindful to crank out overhead presses with image-perfect form, a thing is generally off. And even slight form flaws can inevitably lead to pain or injuries. Enter the landmine shoulder press. 

What’s the Landmine Shoulder Push?

A landmine is a one of a kind power-training device, created by securing one particular conclude of a barbell into a steel sleeve attached to the ground (or by wedging the conclude in a corner with towels or between two weights). The free of charge conclude is then loaded with pounds plates and utilised for resistance. 

When it comes to the landmine shoulder press, the conclude is—you guessed it—pressed overhead working with your shoulders.

“What truly separates the landmine shoulder press from other overhead shoulder press variants is the pounds and shoulders’ movement path,” clarifies Tony Gentilcore, C.S.C.S., power coach and operator of Main training studio exterior Boston. 

With regular shoulder presses, the pounds travels straight up overhead in line with the ears, whereas the landmine requires an arched movement path. As you press the pounds, it also moves forward in entrance of you in a curved trajectory. 

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Why the Landmine Shoulder Push Is So Powerful

The landmine shoulder press’ movement path is vital for the reason that it builds shoulders without the need of the risks involved with most straight-overhead lifts. 

These risks, which contain shoulder and reduced-again pain as nicely as dress in and tear to shoulder cartilage, all stem from typical shoulder mobility limitations, Gentilcore suggests. These are ordinarily owing to a mixture of sitting down, hunching more than phones and computers, muscular imbalances between the anterior and posterior chain, or only not training mobility, he suggests. 

The landmine shoulder press, on the other hand, does not need earlier mentioned-regular shoulder mobility, considering the fact that you shift the pounds up and in entrance of the body. Translation: all of the advantages with significantly less of a chance.

What’s a lot more, the set up permits for urgent greater loads than ordinarily possible with regular military services and overhead presses.

Urgent up and out, the shoulder is in a much better placement than urgent straight up. It also gets an assist from the chest muscles, even more growing how a lot pounds you can manage, clarifies Prentiss Rhodes, C.P.T., item supervisor with the Nationwide Academy of Sports Medication. 

In addition, the landmine shoulder press is a thing of a combine between a free of charge pounds and fixed pounds exercise, Rhodes clarifies. When the shoulders have to manage the pounds in some planes of movement, they do not have to operate as hard to stabilize a landmine as they do when going a free of charge barbell or dumbbells.

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Nevertheless, the manage that the landmine shoulder press does need is even now enough to boost shoulder steadiness, Rhodes suggests, and it’s vital to emphasis on possessing every single period of the exercise with organization, packed shoulders. The overhead period also involves a ton of steadiness from the main.

Final, it’s also well worth thinking about grip: The landmine shoulder press is carried out with a neutral grip, positioning the humerus, or higher-arm bone, inside of the shoulder socket in a joint-helpful way. A pronated grip for the duration of shoulder exercise routines tends to carry a greater chance of impingement and joint soreness.

How to Do the Landmine Shoulder Push with Ideal Variety

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Justin Steele for Men’s Journal

Connect the barbell to the landmine with the ideal pounds plates and secure the load with a pounds clip. If you do not have a focused landmine out there, you can put the conclude of a barbell in a corner (created by two walls) or two significant, major, rubber pounds plates.
Stand with your toes hip-width apart, with the loaded conclude of the barbell between the balls of your toes. (Other choices contain a staggered stance, bracing on both equally knees, or sitting down down with your legs outstretched in entrance of you.)
With both equally arms, cleanse the barbell near to your chest with your elbows pointed straight down toward the ground.
Trying to keep your main and lats braced, press the pounds up till your arms are fully extended. To match the weight’s arched movement path, lean a bit forward from your ankles.
Pause, gradually lower the pounds again to your chest, and repeat. 

“Technique-clever, it’s pretty vital to preserve the higher again flat and main engaged, and not make it possible for any dipping into the reduced again,” suggests Roger Earle, C.S.C.S., C.P.T., co-author of Excess weight Education: Techniques to Results. This helps prevent pounds from dumping into and hurting the lower again though also stopping any forward rounding by means of the shoulders. Test to preserve your legs, torso, and arms in one particular very long, straight line all through the complete exercise.

As a progression, you can check out the landmine shoulder press from a 50 percent-kneeling or break up stance placement, urgent with one particular arm at a time (with the reverse leg forward). This will emphasis on unilateral power and set a greater desire for steadiness on the shoulder and rotator cuff muscles. It will also educate the core’s anti-rotational power and obliques to a significant diploma , Rhodes notes.

How to Integrate the Landmine Shoulder Push into Your Exercise routine Regimen

The landmine shoulder press can match seamlessly into any exercise session routine. Based on your programming timetable, you can increase it to overall-body, higher-body, force, and shoulder-particular exercise sessions.  

If the shoulder press is one particular of numerous overhead urgent actions in your arsenal, take into consideration training it two to 3 times for each 7 days. Even so, if you also complete several shoulder presses with free of charge weights or machines, integrating it into your exercise sessions even at the time a 7 days can be very valuable. 

The proper load for you is going to be pretty individual, and based on both equally your aims and shoulder health. Because the landmine shoulder press is a multi-joint shift, you can load it with a rather significant-rep most to hone in on maximal power. For example, check out four sets of 6 reps or five sets of five reps. 

You can also use average or mild weights and greater reps to prioritize muscular stamina or to preserve your chance of injuries at a minimal if you have cranky joints or a history of shoulder troubles. Take into account everything from 3 sets of 12 or fifteen reps to four or five sets of 8 to 12 reps. The heavier you go, the earlier in your exercise session you should strike the shift. 

And even nevertheless the landmine press does not desire the utmost shoulder mobility, it in no way hurts to educate it. Perform a handful of minutes of drills this sort of as wall slides, serratus anterior slides with a foam roller, or shoulder rotations right before taking maintain of the landmine.

The Single Best Shoulder Exercise for Men

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