December 4, 2023


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Supercharge Your Workouts With Molecular Hydrogen

You do not require to be a science buff to realize that our system requirements gas to get the most out of our exercise sessions. Which is why the specialists at PERFORMIX® have designed PERFORMIX® SST Pre. This progressive pre-exercise supplement deploys bursts of energy when you require it most, aiding maximize efficiency in and out of the health and fitness center.


What is Molecular Hydrogen?

If you slept your way by chemistry lessons we do not blame you. Basically put, when two hydrogen atoms bond together they type a dynamic duo identified as molecular hydrogen. This benefits of this charged particle have been discussed extensively more than the many years, as molecular hydrogen was formerly researched for its capacity to protect against the onset of mobile illnesses.  A lot more a short while ago, research about molecular hydrogen have been centered all-around aiding enhance efficiency, specifically in athletes, as the potent delivery of antioxidants used in the system of molecular hydrogen aids activate the body’s fat burning capacity whilst supporting improved cognitive recognition. Molecular hydrogen has also been proven to aid a healthy inflammatory reaction in our bodies, preserving our critical cells from strain-associated destruction. If you want to unleash your internal chemistry nerd you can reference some scientific journals about molecular hydrogen, like the a single found right here.

Performix SST


Apart from coming in ridiculously tasty flavors, these kinds of as Blueberry Lemonade and Orange Vanilla Cola, PERFORMIX® SST Pre is exclusively made to unleash the electrical power of molecular hydration to maximize efficiency prior to, throughout and submit-exercise.  The patent-pending Molecular Hydrogen Matrix found in PERFORMIX® SST Pre aids protect against versus the buildup of lactic acid, which reduces that dreaded muscle fatigue, whilst also serving to improve adenosine triphosphate (better identified as ATP) creation, which only put provides the energy our cells require in purchase to supercharge our exercise sessions.

Performix SST

Alright, so besides the awesomeness of molecular hydration, right here are some other benefits PERFORMIX® SST Pre brings to the table:

Elevated Psychological Emphasis:

PERFORMIX® SST Pre delivers head-sharpening ingredients these kinds of as Caffeine, Ashwagandha and Huperzine A. This potent mix can enhance your mental concentration, making sure you can electrical power by the working day devoid of enduring that submit-exercise slump.

Energy Booster:

As PERFORMIX® astutely says on their web site, “Don’t rely your exercise sessions. Make your exercise sessions rely.” The greatest way to make your exercise rely is to rev up your system for even the most intense workout. The mix of Caffeine, TeaCrine® and Yohimbine found in PERFORMIX® SST Pre joins forces with molecular hydrogen to make the most of energy from your body’s cells, aiding you conquer any exercise.

Fats Burner:

PERFORMIX® SST Pre is made to kickstart your fat burning capacity, making sure you continue to burn fats submit exercise. Super helpful whilst we sit on those limitless ZOOM meetings with co-employees.


If you’re still not persuaded about the benefits of PERFORMIX® SST Pre, discover extra about why athletes these kinds of as John Cena and ‘average joes’ like you and me have supercharged their exercise sessions PERFORMIX® SST Pre. 


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