May 22, 2024


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One Runner of Color’s Internal Monologue

“When will I reach that high?” Many runners have questioned by themselves this question, but as actor and storyteller Christopher Rivas highlights in his limited film ‘Head On A Swivel,’ not all runners have equivalent access to that emotion all through a run. The online video presents the thoughts and emotions of just one runner of color, as instructed by Rivas’s internal narrative on an common jog: the anticipation of racial profiling, the stress and anxiety of social interaction, and the fear of unjust retribution. “I established this piece in response to the killing of Ahmaud Arbery,” Rivas says. “I wondered if disappearing into a runner’s superior is at any time certainly probable when the overall body of color constantly has to retain their head on a swivel.” Rivas’ monologue in the movie issues which spaces are protected and which “normal” functions are essentially unsafe, but closes with a information of persistence and defiance: he keeps managing.