June 21, 2024


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Liver Detox – Secrets No One Tells You About Liver Detox

Think of your liver as a filter for your body. Just like an air filter filters the air around you so does the liver. It filters the chemicals around your body. When the liver is doing its job properly, it filters virtually everything in your body: every toxin your body encounters: air, skin, digestion etc.

Where do these toxins come from?

1. These toxins can come from many many sources such as chemicals in the air around, pesticides, household cleaners, and many more. That is why a toxic free environment is healthiest for your body. However, we can only control what is in our immediate homes, not everywhere around us so the liver must detox these chemicals.

2. Another chemical that people tend to forget is the fumes from manicures and pedicures. These too need to be processed by our liver.

3. Virtually all prescription drugs are processed through our liver. That is why so many have liver problems subtly stated as side effects.

4. Food we digest must be processed through our liver also.

As you can tell, the liver has a huge job to do. No wonder it is the largest organ. Sometimes due to illnesses or abuse, the liver gets overwhelmed and may need help to detox.

Let’s first see how the liver can help the body detox itself. Our bodies are designed to allow the liver to detox our bodies naturally.

The following things are crucial to a healthy liver (and of course, a healthy body):

* Eating a diet high in fiber
* 25 mg a day is recommended
* Choose foods that come from whole grains as the first ingredient (great source of soluble fiber)
* Eating a diet rich in antioxidants
* 9 fruits and veggies a day is recommended
* Eat the whole fruit/ veggie not juice because juice loses most the fiber if not all and often loses vital phytonutrients.
* Eat a variety of fruits and veggies of various colors to assure you are getting a range of antioxidants.
* Moderation is best: not excess. If you consume alcohol, not to do so in excess. This not only is true with alcohol but all chemicals that we subject our bodies to – cleaners, pesticides, prescriptions, excess weight (yes, obesity is very hard on our livers), additives and more.
* Avoid toxic cleaners, pesticides, and chemicals when possible.
* Make sure if you are using prescription drugs that affect the liver to increase your antioxidants and be carefully monitored by your doctor. The antioxidants often aid the liver sufficiently to allow an individual to reduce the amount of the prescription. Make sure your doctor is aware of your eating and/or supplementation.
* Of course, maintain a healthy weight with a healthy diet and exercise.

If when someone is trying to do these critical liver detox tips, sometimes we still find a need to supplement.

This is not uncommon because it is very difficult to do 1 let alone 3 of the bullets listed above. Supplementation is fine and actually recommended for a healthy lifestyle; however, you must be cautious to avoid gimmicks and scams. Many of these detoxification programs or systems can actually lead to serious health problems especially if you have any liver disorder or health condition like diabetes. Your goal is aid the liver in detoxifying the body naturally.

A good liver detox supplement will contain the following ingredients: milk thistle, turmeric, Chandra, Reishi mushroom and quite possibly artichoke extract. Ideally the supplement should be natural and from a reputable company. Your health is too important to experiment with.