December 4, 2023


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Larry Wheels Crushes a 661-Pound Paused Bench Press

Larry &#8220Wheels&#8221 Williams is no stranger to the toughness sports sphere. A bodybuilder, powerlifter, strongman, and well-liked YouTuber (approximately 2.25 million subscribers), Wheels is one particular of the much more recognizable names in a group of elite athletes. On April 3, 2022, Wheels designed waves with his energy when he attained a one particular-rep, 661-pound paused bench press in education

For every Open up Powerlifting, Wheels&#8217 mark eclipses his ideal-ever classic bench push in a powerlifting opposition by 16 pounds. He&#8217s also pressed 675 pounds, uncooked, in training. And this lift was also raw, though Wheels wore elbow and wrist wraps for his paused bench push. Offered the bench press variation that some may possibly look at more demanding, it&#8217s an outstanding energy demonstrating. 

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Rewards of the Paused Bench Press

The most important distinction concerning the paused bench press and the traditional variation is time.

A powerlifter will acquire a brief pause for the duration of a paused bench soon after lowering a loaded barbell to their upper body. It is only after the split that they elevate the fat back again up. In contrast to the common bench push, which is touch-and-go — the lifter does not pause the rep at the bottom. 

One particular motive powerlifters elect to sometimes coach with a paused bench is to fortify the base stage of their normal bench press. And aggressive powerlifters are needed to employ a pause. In the course of a sanctioned celebration, the lifter has the dual expectation of carrying out the full range of motion of the bench push, and earning confident the barbell is fully motionless in a brief pause at the bottom just before locking out the rep. Everything less, and an officiant could not figure out the rep.

The paused bench push can act as a handy simulation of a meet up with&#8217s stipulations.

As far as strength difficulties, the paused bench press can generate strength progress by doing away with a person important element.

In a touch-and-go bench press, a powerlifter has the advantage of possessing their power and the natural stretch reflex the momentum they crank out whilst lowering their barbell allows with the lift. By pausing at the base, the powerlifter takes the stretch reflex out of the equation, and depends fully on their power to end the rep. 

If a powerlifter can benefit from the paused bench press properly, it&#8217ll probably be to their advantage. Exploration displays that though the pause increases the probability for failure, it also raises possible strength gains and endurance around time particularly with improved quantity. (1)

By teaching with a paused bench push, somebody like Wheels could prepare for a competitors and enhance his volume at the same time.

Adaptable Energy

It&#8217s been in excess of two many years since Wheels last competed in a official powerlifting occasion. This most current paused bench press would seem to reiterate that he does not need satisfies to showcase his energy. A somewhat modern 430.1-kilogram squat (950 pounds) executed with chains, and an 11-rep established of a 337.9-kilogram deadlift (745 lbs) clearly show Wheels has remarkable, adaptable ability no matter of whether he demonstrates it in a levels of competition. 


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