June 8, 2023


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If Your Commute Is This Long, You Could Be Exposed to Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Really feel like your commute is killing you? It’s not just the aspect consequences of staying sedentary for so prolonged, or the mental tiredness of slogging by way of website traffic. A new study printed in Surroundings International discovered California commuters are likely inhaling alarmingly higher amounts of chemical substances that can enhance the chance of cancer and birth flaws. And here’s the kicker: It is not from air air pollution or exhaust.



Researchers gave 90 review individuals silicone bracelets to dress in for 5 days. The molecular framework of silicone is suitable for capturing airborne contaminants. The intention was to exam peoples’ exposure to chemical compounds commonly found in vehicle interiors. Participants’ commute times ranged from 15 minutes to about two several hours.

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In the end, researchers identified benzene and formaldehyde in unsustainably large stages within vehicle interiors. Benzene is employed in the output of artificial fibers in vehicle production, whilst formaldehyde is a binder in plastics. Both of those substances are carcinogens (acknowledged for causing cancer), and benzene carries supplemental hazards for reproductive and developmental toxicity.

“These chemical compounds are quite unstable, transferring easily from plastics and textiles to the air that you breathe,” clarifies study co-author David Volz, UCR professor of environmental toxicology.

A single concern lifted by the examine was that participants with the longest commutes experienced the best amount of chemical exposure.

“Of class, there is a vary of exposure that is dependent on how long you’re in the car, and how significantly of the compounds your car is emitting,” says Aalekhya Reddam, direct review author.


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For Volz, the results of the research were not expected—but really alarming.

“I went into this relatively skeptical simply because I did not imagine we’d decide up a significant concentration in that quick a time frame, let alone decide up an association with commute time. We did equally, which was really astonishing.”

As for what can be completed to tackle the problem, Reddam suggests commuters dilute the focus of airborne substances by opening windows, though Volz claims auto manufacturers want to locate possibilities to harmful chemical compounds.

In the extensive operate, Volz says that the analyze provokes more thoughts on the results of airborne contaminants and a far more risky type of vehicle illness.

“If we picked up this partnership in 5 times, what does that suggest for persistent, extensive-time period publicity, for men and women who commute most months out of the year, yr above yr for a long time?”

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